Fangs Hosts 1st Gamers Bay Event

The Queen of FIFA Jesse Fangs hosted the first every Gamers Bay Tournament on March 11, 2017! They had a blast not only watching but competing against some local FIFA players! Everyone had a blast at the convention.

Jesse was there all day to sign autographs, take photos, and co-host the event live in person.

Jesse Campana Duban also known as Fangs, is a YouTube personality with over 2 million followers.

Jesse Lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband (Twitch and YouTube personality ‘GI Doobie’). She often collaborates with other FIFA YouTubers such as miniminter, Nepenthez, AA9skillz, bateson87 and TobiiasGaming.

On her main channel she mostly posts FIFA content, as well as occasional Q&As and personal videos about her life. On her second channel, she plays games such as Minecraft, GTA 5, and Call of Duty. She now has a third channel shared with her husband Doobie called FOOBIE where they post daily vlogs of their life.

Gamers Bay – Video Gaming Tournament & Technology Convention was created, presented and executed by NetGeekz Media on March 11 2016 to showcase being forward thinkers, innovators, and branding specialist in the media and online industry in the Cayman Islands. The feedback that we have received from the spectators, competitors and sponsors has been nothing short of amazing.

Games Bay is a professional eSports organization. Headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and was founded in 2016 by Daniel Scott & Lance Jefferson, co-founders of NetGeekz Media.

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