FIFA 20 Rules

● PC & Xbox Players are not permitted to compete in this tournament.

● The default settings specified in these rules can be changed, but only if an option is available in the
challenge. The staff will support no other agreements, (i.e. verbal, AIM, email). So unless specified
otherwise in the match details, these default rules will be followed.

● If any of the below settings are incorrect, the hosting team will forfeit the map. The team hosting is
solely responsible to ensure all settings are correct prior to beginning any map. If the settings are
incorrect, the non-hosting team will not be penalized for leaving the match early. The non-hosting
team will be required to obtain valid proof to show that the hosting team did not have the settings
correct. A ticket with valid proof must be submitted immediately after the match has been

● All games must be played in sunny / clear weather conditions. If the game is played in any other
weather condition (such as snow or rain), users must immediately quit from the Match and restart
within (5) minutes of the mutual disconnection.


1 on 1 Tournament Format

Match Settings
Size: 1 on 1
Format: Best of 3, with Best of 5 finals
Bracket: Double Elimination


Match Rules

1. All matches must be played in their entirety unless both teams agree to postpone or cancel the
match. A Standard Ladder Match will consist of one full match.

2. Verbal agreements will not receive staff support via Referees or Support Tickets.

3. The higher ranked team at match time will host the first map. The higher ranked team is the team
ranked closer to “1” on the ladder. If there is a tie in rank (i.e. both are unranked), the Team ID
closest to 0 will host first. The lower ranked team at match time will host the second map. This will
alternate for each map until/if a tie breaker map is needed. If a tie breaker map is needed, the
higher ranked team will host the final map.

4. Teams may not delay the match for more than 5 minutes between each round/map. A round is
defined as a stopping point during the match when match settings may be altered, and/or players
may switch sides or change equipment.

5. If a member of either team drops during the initial launch of the game, the game will be replayed.

a. If the player who is winning disconnects from the match in the second half, the match will be
restarted with the scores at the time of disconnection. If the team who is losing the match
disconnects in the second half that team will forfeit the match.

b. Match must be restarted within 5 minutes of the disconnection. If not the user who disconnected
will forfeit. Play the remaining time of the match in the first half. I.E, If the user disconnected 40
minutes into the first half, then the match will restart and the first half + 5 minutes of the second
half will be played. There will be a maximum of 2 restarts.

c. If proof is provided which shows the user disconnected deliberately (Penalty, free kick, red card
etc.) then that user will forfeit the match.

d. If any user disconnects in the first half (Winning or Losing), the match will be restarted with the
current scores.

6. If the match ends in a tie, the match must be replayed.

7. All matches must be played in Online Friendlies Lobby.

8. Use of the "kickoff glitch" may result in a forfeit of the match. If an advantage is gained such as a
goal being scored or an attacking possession achieved then the match will be forfeited. If no
advantage is gained, then the match will not be forfeited. Valid proof such as replays including the
gamertag of your opponent must be provided.

9. Use of a five defender formation when disabled in the challenge option will result in a forfeit of the
map. In a BO1 it will result in a forfeit of the match.


Bracket Play

1. Double Elimination: After losing a match, teams will be eliminated from the bracket and placed in the losers
bracket where the can compete for the chance to make it to the finals..

2. Default Start Time: All round one (1) matches have the same default start time. After round one (1), all Matches
have a unique default start time that is dependent upon the time at which the teams’ previous round results were
submitted. Matches must be started by their default start time and played until completion. Postponing matches is
only at the discretion of Tournament staff.

3. Double Forfeit: If a match is not played and neither team submits a ticket requesting the forfeit win, or both teams
otherwise forfeit a game/match, the game/match win will be awarded to the higher seeded team.

4. Seeding: Teams will be randomly seeded at of the close of registration. Seeds are done in ascending order. The
higher seed is determined by the team with the seed closest to zero (0).
○ Example: Seed four (4) is a higher seed than seed ten (10).


All Matches

1. Warm-up: No warm-up or practice games are permitted once the match’s first game has begun. If a match is
played before the scheduled time, it will not be considered a warm-up and will count as the official results.

2. Delays: Teams may not delay the start of a match beyond its scheduled start time, without the approval of a
tournament official. Teams may delay a match between games for up to five minutes. Teams can request that a
tournament official enforce this five minute time limit. After five minutes of a tournament official enforced delay, if
the delaying team does not have the minimum required players, they will forfeit the match.

3. Minimum Required Players: Teams may be short handed by one player in order to start a game. A Team will
Forfeit the Match if they are missing all of their players 15 minutes after a Match’s default start time (Grace Period).
Teams will be forced to start a Game at the end of a Grace Period as outlined in the No Show proceedure.

4. Lag: As the game is hosted on servers, replays will not be issued for lag.

5. Disconnections: If a player does not get into the game lobby before the start of the game, all players should back
out and re-form the party.
○ If a player disconnects/leaves the game after the game has launched, their kills at the time of the
disconnection (proof must be provided in the case of a disagreement) will be added to the kills of their
teammate and the remainder of the game will continue.



1. No Shows: All no shows must be verified by a tournament official. The No Show grace period time is 15
minutes after the match's original start time. For example, if a match is scheduled for 10:00 AM, the no show time
for this match would be 10:15 PM. In order to contact a Tournament Official, call 917-9607. If a tournament official
isn’t available, a ticket must be submitted immediately to The ticket must include proof
that their opponent did not show. To dispute your match, select "I'm reporting: my opponent did not show" under
“report problem” on the match page.

2. Time Limit: Both teams must report the match results within 10 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the
match results on time or respond to any messages that you receive from a tournament official may result in your
team receiving the loss.

3. Report Match Score: Please report the match results to your respective referee. To report the match results,
teams must report the match score accurately, with overall Games won being reported. For example, the match
score can be reported as 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, 3-1, or 3-2 depending upon the match length. Reporting the individual
points for each game is optional.

4. Cheating: Breaking any rule and any form of cheating, glitching, abusing in-game mechanics, or unsportsmanlike
behavior may result in a forfeit of a game, match, or ban from GamersBay. Cheating, glitching, and abusing
in-game mechanics accusations must be verified by a tournament official. In order to contact a tournament official
report to your nearest referee. If a Tournament Official isn’t immediately available, call 917-9607 immediately,
along with proof, screenshot or video, of the cheating. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not
limited to, excessive use of foul or degrading language. For all cheating claims, the burden of proof is on the

5. Proof: We highly recommend that proof is taken with the console's built in recording system to gather proof. At
least one member of each team should take a video or screenshot(s) of each game’s results in case proof is
needed for a dispute. All proof should be clearly visible and contain the players names', if they are dead, and their
number of kills.

6. Disputes: In order to dispute game results, players/teams must notify a tournament official that they would like to
protest the game before a new game has begun. In order to dispute match results, players/teams must notify a
tournament official, that they would like to protest the match no longer than 15 minutes after the end of the Match.

7. Concessions: Teams may request that they be allowed to concede victory of a game. Teams may request that
their opponent not receive a forfeit penalty. A tournament official must be contacted with these requests.

8. Dispute Evidence: In the event of a dispute, please provide your video / screenshot proof to your tournament
official. In the event that you are not able to access tournament referee, call 917-9607 immediately, with proof
ready. The issue must be clearly stated as well as the time in the video in which the issue occurred, and/or what
the tournament official should be looking for in the picture/video.



1. Tickets & Live Support: Tournament support can be requested from your referee. For issues with registration,
missing tournament achievements, and general tournament questions, a “Tournament Question/Issues” Contact
917-9607.. For all tournament match issues, a “Solve My Dispute” Referees should be contacted.

2. Live Support Limit: Only one (1) Player per team should converse with referee for in-game issues and that player
should stay with referee until a tournament official answers their issue.

3. Listen for Instructions: If a tournament official is called into a custom game, players must keep the tournament
official un-muted at all times.

4. Abuse: Verbal and/or written abuse of a tournament official will not be tolerated through any medium. This
includes, but is not limited to, voice communications in game, voice messages, live support chats, written
messages on GamersBay Website, Battles, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Violators of this rule may be disqualified from
the Tournament.

5. Technical Issues: If you are having technical issues, please contact your referee who will contact Tech Support.

6. Decisions Are Final: Tournament staff have the final decision in all matters related to this competition. If a player
feels the decision is unjust and/or goes against the rules listed for this competition, an Arena: Staff Report to
917-9607 should be submitted for review. Please include any information and proof pertinent to the issue.



1. Evading a Tournament or Servere Site Ban: Any player found evading a severe site ban or one related to
Tournaments will be disqualified from this competition. If that player participates in any part of the match during the
first tournament round, that team will forfeit the games that were played. If that player participates in any part of a
match after the first tournament round, that team will be disqualified from the competition. The offending player(s)
will be suspended from Gamersbay for up to three hundred and sixty-five (365) days.

2. Account Recovering XBL or PSN Accounts: Tournament participants are forbidden to allow others to play in
this competition in place of them by sharing XBL or PSN accounts. The offending individual or team forfeit the
entire match. The offending players will be suspended from the site for up to ninety(90) days.

3. Modified Console/Hacks/Mods: Use of a modified/jail broken console, in game hacks, and/or mods will result in
the immediate disqualification of that team. The player(s) using the modified console, hacks, and/or mods will be
suspended from Gamers Bay for up to seven hundred and thirty (730) days. The rest of the team will be
suspended for up to ninety (90) days.

4. Evading a Ban: If a player is found evading a ban the team will be disqualified from this competition. The
offending player(s) will be suspended from Gamers Bay for up to ninety (90) days.

5. Lack of Cooperation: Failing to comply with Support Staff's directions and/or requests may result in the forfeit of
round(s), a map, or the entire match. Verbal or written abuse of a staff member will result in a suspension from
Gamersbay for up to twenty (20) days.

6. Failure to Report a Tournament Match: Any team leader/captain that fails to report their tournament match
within ten (10) minutes after the conclusion of their match or upon receiving notification from support staff to do so,
may be suspended from the site for up to twenty-four (24) hours.

7. Warnings: Tournament Officials may issue a Warning for infractions including, but not limited to, the use of
profane words or phrases, discussion of controversial religious topics, threats/implied violence, lack of punctuality,
and failure to follow tournament staff instructions. All warnings and penalties are given to the team, not the
individual player. Teams may also be warned or incur a penalty for repeated warnings in regards to the same rule.
Depending on the severity of the action or conduct by a player, multiple warnings may be handed out for a single
infraction, up to and including bypassing warnings and resulting in an immediate penalty.

8. Penalties: After a maximum of three (3) warnings, post-warning penalties, including but not limited to the following,
may be enforced: A Game Forfeit, a Match Forfeit, and a GB/MLG Site Ban for a specified duration. Penalties may
also be combined with other penalties.

9. Disqualification: Some infractions may result in warnings and penalties being bypassed with immediate
disqualification from the remainder of the Tournament being enforced. Examples of behavior or actions that could
result in this are physical acts violence, cheating, collusion/manipulating the bracket, drug/substance abuse
on-site, any illegal activities, betting or gambling on a tournament or match results, hate speech, and harassment.



1. Rules: The rules may be updated and modified at any time, for any reason. Rulings may be made outside the
scope of these Rules in order to preserve fair play and tournament integrity. Participation in this Tournament
constitutes entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules, the Official Rules on the Prize tab, and
Tournament Official decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to this tournament. Winning a prize
is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.

2. Players: Players must utilize their own unique Username for competing on Gamersbay. This unique Username
must have been registered on Gamers Bay personally by the user. The registered Username must contain the
correct and complete Name, Address, and Email of the user. If a false Name, Address, or Email was entered, the
user voids the privilege to participate in this Tournament and/or receive any prizes. As a user, you are personally
responsible for accepting any invitation to a Team. If you receive a paid invite to a team, you accept the credits
used for entry as your own in order to participate in this competition. If you do not personally accept a Team
invitation, you may be disqualified from the Tournament and Forfeit any prize. All players must have an Xbox Live
Gold account in good standing and be signed into Xbox Live for all Games. All Gamersbay accounts, teams, roster
spots and crowns are property of NetGeekz Media. Any advertising of, or attempts to buy, sell, trade, or exchange
any aforementioned item is strictly prohibited. This also includes offering to forfeit matches in exchange for any
item or service. Violators will be removed from all properties and all related accounts terminated. Furthermore,
GamersBay reserves the right to deactivate, reset or temporarily suspend any account or team, without notice, that
violates our Terms of Use.

3. Definition of Non-Amateurs: Players that have won a cash prize from any Online Tournaments or Ladders for the
game and console on which the tournament is being held. If a player takes credits in place of a cash prize, they are
still no longer considered an amateur and are ineligible to play in amateur tournaments for the game/console. If
any player is found playing on a team that falls into one of the above categories, the whole team will be disqualified
and credits will not be refunded. Anyone living in the same household as a Non Amateur player will also be
considered non Amateur and are not allowed to participate in Amateur Tournaments. Additionally, players found
evading amateur status are subject to being banned for up to thirty (30) days.

4. Team Management: If leadership of a tournament team is transferred to another member of that team, that person
gives up all team editing privileges(adding/removing players, disbanding team, ect.). This includes any player/team
"credit sponsors". As a warning, credits will not be refunded for any players the "credit sponsor" pays for if he/she
is removed from the roster after leadership is transferred.

5. Valid Gamertags: All gamertags on a team’s roster must be valid. Each user on the Roster must legitimately own
their gamertag. A Gamertag’s spelling and spaces must be exact, but the correct case is not necessary.
Gamertags may not contain foul language, disparaging remarks, hateful or racist names. Any changes to a team
roster after the tournament has been seeded is at the discretion of tournament staff. This includes changes to
Xbox Live Gamertags, PSN IDs, IDs, etc. Players may only be added to a roster (username and
gamertag) up until the end of that team's first match. Gamertags must be linked to a player's GamersBay Account
before the start of the tournament bracket play.

6. Privacy & Impersonation: Individuals are prohibited from sharing account information stored on Gamers Bay with
another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: usernames, passwords,
gamertags, email accounts, etc. Individuals may not use another Player’s Account in a Game. Individuals may not
allow another Player to use their XBL Account in a Game. Players who break this rule may be disqualified from the
Tournament. In game IP checks will be administered at the discretion of the Online Tournament Staff. This will
ensure no one is account recovering and attempting to play on another person's account. However, IP checks will
not be be given after the match has been completed.

7. Third Party Communication: Third party communication is allowed for this tournament. (i.e. skype, TeamSpeak,
Party Chat, etc.).

8. Definitions:
○ Game - One (1) competition played on one (1) round of battle-royale between two (2) teams
○ Match - a series made up of multiple games

9. Team Content: The Leader of a team can change the team name, blast message, logos, avatars and website
links. The images/information submitted must be appropriate and cannot violate our Rules. Attempting to bypass
the automatic censor by misspelling, inserting spaces or symbols, transposing letters, using look-alike symbols, or
any other method is not allowed. Teams that attempt to bypass the censor will be subject to penalties.

10. Prizing and Bracket Size: Tournament bracket size and prize are subject to change based on the total number of
eligible teams at the end of registration.

Waiver: GamersBay Video Game Tournament For your child to participate in the activities of the GamersBay Video
Game Tournament, which includes console video game play, we require your consent for your child to participate.

Every participant’s parent or legal guardian must read, sign, and submit this waiver to tournament organizers prior
to the commencement of the tournament. Your child must be 6-17 years of age. I am the parent or legal guardian
of (“participant”) who is under 18 years of age.

I hereby consent to this participant’s attendance and participation without restriction in the GamersBay Video
Game Tournament. Activities consisting primarily of console video game play, and video game tournaments in
which entry is a paid charge and prizes awarded to winners. I understand that the video games may have a rating
of “M” for Mature assigned by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). I am aware that this rating
indicates the ESRB has determined that the content of the console video game may be unsuitable for children
under 18 years old because of violence, blood, gore, and language. I acknowledge that the participant may choose
to participate in non-video game tournament activities available at the facility.

I also understand that music may play during the event that may contain PG-13 content. In consideration of the
right and opportunity to participate in the GamersBay Video Game Tournament conducted by NetGeekz Media, I
hereby acknowledge and agree as follows: consent to the use participant’s name, picture, and/or likeness in
publicity and advertising for the GamersBay Video Game Tournament in any and all media and/or promotion. In
addition, I consent to no claims – past, present, future – against hosts of event for injuries or loss/damage of
personal property during the event. By signing below, I certify that I am the legal guardian of the participant for
whom I am signing.

I have read and agreed to all material stated above. I have read the tournament’s rules and regulations that are
available online at and at NetGeekz location prior to check-in.


Parent or Legal Guardian:

(Printed Name of Parent or Legal Guardian)

(Relationship to Above Player)

(Phone Number of Legal Guardian)


NOTE: Upon submission of the above consent form, Gamersbay reserves the right to verify all
information. Any intentional falsification of the above information will result in immediate
termination of player’s registration and participation in the video gaming tournament.

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