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►Episode #002 Of GameChat

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

►In Todays episode we chat with MsCodSlayer, she chats about how she got started in gaming, whats her thoughts on streaming, social media, as well as her cosplaying hubbies!


00:09 Congratulations, this Game’s Winner Is…welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on east sports. In all things game related.

Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

00:35 Toay I have with us as our guest Ms Cod Slayer for playing xbox. You can find her on twitch and instagram and I will let her give a a quick introduction right now

00:48 I’m mostly on instagram but I also stream on twitch so my favorite games does stream on twitch or things like fortnight,

call of duty, overwatch and I just love to hang out there and most of the time, but I do have youtube and I posted a few videos and you guys get to see sneak peeks into my life more there because I post blogs and things that I do with some of my friends.

01:09 Awesome. Awesome. And thank you again for coming on our podcast. We really appreciate it for taking the time out and do

an interview with us. Let’s jump in, could you give the viewers and listeners a little background of how you got started into gaming and streaming?

01:27 Okay. I was kind of born into like gaming because my parents would always play on the playstation. They would play a game

called champions of nor app and it’s um, you can play it multiplayer. So we would hook up for controllers and everybody would play and then we kind of got more into wii when we started and we would play like guitar hero together and then like as I started growing up, um, my brother’s got xboxes and they started to play on there and I thought that that was really cool because I loved playing on the playstation when I was really younger. And so after my brothers stopped playing xbox and they played more computer games, they gave me their xbox. And, my brother’s Gamer tag. And I started playing call of duty black ops two and that was kind of like the first major game that I started playing. And I had so much fun like interacting with people in playing, um, as India and now I’ve found inspiration to start doing instagram and become a bigger known person that started streaming inside and I just, I love to like, like video games and I love the fact that I can like make other people happy and like entertain other people with something that I just love to do.

02:44 Absolutely. Absolutely. To be able to do your passion and give back because it’s truly something special. And you touched that,

um, uh, when you moved onto xbox and you started playing black ops two, uh, you were streaming at the time as when you started playing, you started to just use your brother’s tagging and stream or how did, how did you, how did you start actually streaming online?

03:07 I started streaming later after I made my instagram, which was a few years ago, like two years ago maybe. And I, I just didn’t

stream at first because I didn’t have the technology to stream. But now that I have things like my computer and recording software and stuff like that, I can stream better.

03:27 How long have you been streaming? Now?,

03:29 I’ve been spraying for like a year and a half now.

03:32 Okay. Awesome. Awesome. And only if you guys haven’t checked out her channel is definitely check it out. Um, she’s growing and she’s doing phenomenal. Like she’s only been a

year and a half into this snow and she’s killing it. So definitely check it out. Like your favorite game is being streamed. What, what? Um, I guess currently what some of your favorite games that you’re playing right now that you really enjoy?

03:54 One of my favorite games so far has been fortnite, because I can like play with my friends and I can like get some of their input into my stream and have other people than just me speaking.

And I think that that’s Super Fun, that I can play a game with my friends and like we can like banter back and forth. It’s funny moments and stuff like that.

04:18 That’s um, that’s actually a plus that we always talk about too is that you can play with your friends in a safe environment

online, doing things that you like or you can also meet likeminded people from around the world. So fortnite is, is one of the games that you’re playing most frequently and you’re playing singles? Duos, squads.

04:37 Mostly it’ll be a squads because sometimes I’ll try to interact with the streamers, come in to watch me, I’ll try to like invite

them in and like I have a few open spots. I’ll be like, do you want to play? Like you guys can come along and join us too with you.

04:53 Sweet. So you hear that guys. All right. So there’s three slots almost always open and you can jump in and play with ms. cod

Guest: MsCod:slayer live and that’s why you’re streaming as well too. Right? So they can interact with you as well on, on twitch. Why while you’re streaming. So that’s, that’s awesome guys. That’s awesome. And what about a schedule? What’s your schedule out there for the listeners as well? Do you have like a schedule that you stream or is it kind of ad hoc still?

05:18 It’s kind of all over but there’s definitely one day that I stream which is women’s Wednesday and I get together with my friend toxic dreaming and queen dobertt we play fortnite or we played minecraft together and we’re thinking about playing COD together once it comes out and we play every Wednesday. We used to do it for two to four, but now that my schedule has changed, I’m doing it from four to five and I’ll play for that time and it’ll just be me and my girls and we just chat with the people. They all have their own streaming stuff. So like some of our viewers they like, like they like us so much. So then they’ll go to our other friend’s subscribe or follow and they’ll become interested in them as well.

06:04 Right. Definitely, definitely. And, and that actually brings me to another point too like to do collaborations with other streamers as well, build each other audiences and even offer more entertainment to your, to your followers with yours on your, on your collaborators. And so that’s, that’s every Wednesday from four to 5:00 PM, five eastern. That’s a definite time that you can definitely tune in to catch ms cod slayer. They’re streaming. All right guys. So we’re going to take a quick commercial break and we’ll be right back with more with ms cod slayer.

06:37 Your listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

06:49 Alright, gamer nation. So welcome back to the, to the game and chat east sports podcasts or if you’re just tuning in or we have

miss cod slayer with us today. That’s m -s, -c -o -d -s -l -a -y -e-r and you can fine are actively, almost everyday on instagram and twitch if you’re, if you’re watching the visual, the video right now, you can actually see there’s some llamas in the back. Could you tell us a little bit about what those llamas

07:14 even for like subs back here, we subscribe, like all write down your name on a Lama and depending on what tier depends on

like what color the sharpie is on the Lama. Like that’s something just to like give back to the people who are giving some love hanging out with the community and just like seeing it the same consistent people coming around. Yeah.

07:39 So, so this is useless if you subscribe on twitch, depending on the tier, you’re at, one of the benefits you get is that you get,

you get to be put on her wall and your name is shown while she’s being streamed live all the time. That’s awesome. That’s awesome guys. Well we talked a bit off off air as well, but we can jump into it now. We talked a bit about Cons and that you visited some of them. Can you tell us something about those conventions for those that are listening that you visited and some of your experiences.

08:08 Great. So I visited, I think it’s called wizard con or like Wisconsin and um, it’s local to me but it kind of travels around like the

northwest and I, I love to cosplay, play and go to these events and interact with other people who maybe have like cosplays from similar games to me or just want to like take a picture. I love like when somebody comes out and they appreciate the work that I’ve done, like putting into my cosplay —they want to like take a picture or they’ll dislike compliment me on it and they also like seeing everybody else’s ideas and how they’re cosplaying and like what they’re doing.

08:48 Awesome. Yeah. And it’s always a great feeling to have someone appreciate the work and effort that you put into

something and then to be able to just interact with those individuals is very fulfilling

09:02 and like people will always like, oh can I take a photo with you? Like that’d be really cool. And I love doing that because I, I love

that other people like what I’m doing. Like they, they appreciate the same things as me and they like see like the work you put into things and then they like appreciate it.

09:20 Right. So that’s, that’s awesome. So she, does she play, she also cos –knowing that she play in stream online, but she also cosplays, which is absolutely fantastic. Just do a quick recap guys. Ms Cod Slayer. You can catch her every Wednesday at four to 5:00 PM, uh, with her fellow streamers. Toxic dreaming and Queen Dobertt, Ms Cod Slayer, It was a pleasure having you on and we hope to have you on again in the future and from our members. We wish you continuous success with your streaming on your channel.

09:55 Thank you so much for inviting me today. 09:58 Thank you!

10:03 Thanks for joining us this week on game chat. Make sure to visit our website, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes, stitcher, or via rss. So you’ll never miss a show. We also have cool merchandise, and tickets for next year’s event while you’re at it. If you found value in the show, we’d appreciate a rating on itunes or if you’d simply tell a friend about the show, that would help us too. You can also find us on twitch, twitter, facebook, youtube, and instagram. See you all in next week’s episode of Game Chat.

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