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Gamers Bay is officially here to stay.

Big thank you to Jordan Armenise for this fantastic report!

The third edition of the popular video gaming tournament hit the Arts & Recreation Centre in Camana Bay Saturday (29 September).

As competitors from around Cayman faced off for $10,000 in combined prizes and money in five different games.

With the addition of ‘cosplay’, a popular phenomenon within the gaming and convention community where attendees dress up in a character, Gamers Bay 3 was filled to the brim with both competition, and what organizers are calling a world of potential.

“The last Gamers Bay tournament, someone came from the loser bracket and won” said volunteer Shaqunn Williams of the growing FIFA competition.

In this year’s FIFA 18 fixture, the most popular individual game, Albertini Hollness defended his title among 16 gamers, taking home $1200. Johnathon Chin took the Super Smash Brothers title and $500 prize among 11 gamers , with Cameron Myrie taking the Dragon Ball FighterZ championship among 8 challengers.

In team competition, ‘Team Swift’ pocketed $2500 among 13 teams made up of 26 people competing in ‘Fortnite’, while the ‘Bluff Monkeys’ won $75o in Rocket League among 5 teams made up of 10 gamers total.

“The competition is good because there are alot of good players on island” said AJ Obi.

Obi, a local footballer and gamer himself believes there no reason eSports gamers in Cayman can’t create opportunities for themselves like any other sport.

“They have a chance at getting scouted and going off abroad for other gaming tournaments, and you can make loads of money off that.”

Popular American Cosplayer Joanie Brosas said the third edition of Gamers Bay aimed to connect the dots for kids into gaming rather than focusing on the gaming itself.

“We brought out the Art Institute so it’s showing kids they can study this kind of stuff. They can study this kind of stuff, they can play video games, they can learn how to create these video games with art and things like that.”

Williams says the only thing Gamers Bay organizers only worry now is accommodating the interest.

“Eventually Gamers Bay is gonna have to get a bigger gym to host the tournament man.”

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See you all at GamersBay 4!

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