Miss Chezza Checks In!| #007

►Episode #007 Of GameChat

►In Todays episode we chat with Cheryl aka Miss Chezza, she’s been a gamer from young, doing cosplaying for the last 5 years, and streaming the last year on twitch and twitter, listen in as she gives some golden advice on how she’s amassed over 40,000 followers online!

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

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Host 1: Have you ever tried like any of those scary game, you’re in Vr.

Miss Chezza: oh beeeep noo!

Intro/outro: Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on east sports in all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers, do youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

Host 1: Hey, good morning gamer nation. Welcome back to another episode of Game Chat with your host and daniel Scott and lance Jefferson. In today’s episode we have an awesome guest. Miss Chezza.

Miss Chezza: Thank you. Thank you very much for having me.
Host 1: Awesome. Awesome. Um, so for the audience out there, could you give them a little introduction about who you are and what you do?

Miss Chezza: Yeah, for sure. So my name is Miss Chezza. That is my cosplay name and my Gamer tag. I am a published cosplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for about five, four or five years now, but I started streaming on twitch earlier this year. I stream a variety of games, mainly adventure, RPG style games. So yeah, that is why I’m here.
Host 1: You’ve been leveraging your social media. I see. And as well as you’re streaming. Um, could you, could you give a, the audience insights, how you use social media to help grow your channel in, in such a short time?

MIss Chezza: Yeah, definitely. Social media in this day and age, especially when you’re trying to grow a brand, um, is the of the utmost importance. So I built up a fairly decently sized community through constantly. So I started, like I said, four or five years ago and it grew from there. So I’m a probably if I mix in instagram, twitter, and facebook at around 35,000 mark for in terms of like the size of the community, obviously. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s definitely to be applauded. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Um, it’s very important to use social media, especially with streaming too. So I found that because I put a lot of effort into three of them. Some people choose one, they’ll choose instagram. Especially for cosplay, instagram is probably your best bet because you’re making costumes, you’re taking pictures. It’s a very visual thing. But I also love twitter, so I spend a lot of time building that out as well. And I found that when I started streaming, it’s where there was the go to. Um, so a lot of streamers are on twitter, a lot of people who watch twitch around and mixer on twitter and it’s a good way to kind of connect with other streamers and also promote your stream. Um, so I strongly recommend that if you haven’t done it before, it’s

Host 1: very important to, to know the are where your audience is. So that’s, that’s awesome that you’re doing whether you’re doing,

Miss Chezza: yeah, it’s a lot of trial and error. I usually sign up for a lot of random, um, social media accounts that you end up never using. Like Vero didn’t go anywhere but give it a shot and, and see what works best for you. Okay.
Host 1: They won’t, you don’t know what you’re looking to get unless you, unless you pick that, that, that challenge, right?

Miss Chezza: Yeah, exactly.

Host 1: Important point for marketing. And like you said. Yeah, I’m fine. Even I’ve many platforms that you can get on and produce content for your audience, that’s your new shape, the weight and if it’s around with today, great. If it’s watered down tomorrow when you’ve still gained skills and you still game whatever 40, you had to find that fine buying for example, which is super vague. This is no debt servicing that. Several people at fall logan off the wires out farm.

Miss Chezza: Yeah. A lot of people got launched off fine. Amanda Cerny, um, was one of my favorite vine stars and she, I think she’s, she’s got several million followers on instagram now. She’s doing ad campaigns for guests and uh, it’s amazing. Yeah, I know that’s a, that makes sense to me because I have a little bit of an advantage versus others because I worked for an advertising agency myself. How are you doing social media and content management and the importance of it? I’m in marketing and obviously with streaming, just like anything else, you want to get your name out there, it’s um, it’s as much marketing yourself as it is putting effort into the performance of streaming. Since I finished school, I’ve been involved in some form of marketing or advertising or another. Um, I primarily like in my day job, I’m a writer and you’re a communications professional. Awesome. Um, so I’ve been doing that for about six, six yourself

Host 1: skills for yourself is phenomenal

Miss Chezza: hey got skills, gotta use it
Host 1: That led the way in regards, how you got started with regards to your streaming or what, what influence do it and make that step forward? Yeah, there’s definitely when the camera and then

Miss Chezza: right. Um, well I’ve done it. I’ve done a number of different things and my career and as I like to have side hobbies and jobs and projects always. Um, so in the past I have, even though I’m a writer and editor, I had done some, um, hosting for local television, two segments. So I’ve been in front of the camera before. I’ve been behind the camera or writing scripts, writing all of the content, doing the marketing for it. So when I decided to start streaming it was because I had been a fan of twitch for years. Um, it actually, it helped me get through a tough time in my life, which is really nice. And um, I had been watching a lot of streamers. I’ve always been a gamer ever since I was a kid and I figured, Hey, I have experience like on camera, should I try and give it a shot?

Miss Chezza: It’s very different from online broadcast where, sorry, I just broadcast a experience because you generally go in with a script and you know what you’re going to say where a streaming you have really got to fly by the seat of your pants. But I saw other people doing it. I want it to give it a shot. And I mean it’s still growing. It’s still a new thing for me. But I found that my past experience has definitely lent itself very much to how I go about streaming and how I portray myself in the streams and how I marketed as well. So it’s, it wasn’t the reason why I started streaming, but it definitely helped. Having all of those elements is, is definitely important. And I didn’t monetize it until I was a few years in. I know a lot of people will start cos playing or start screaming because they think, hey, I’m going to be the next Ninja and the chances of that are always going to be against you unfortunately.

Miss Chezza: Um, but at some point you do get to a certain point with the community where they want more. Um, they wanted to kind of take things home with them and things like that. So, so that’s been really good. It’s not, it’s not my main source of income. Like I said, I, I work full time and this is a side thing for me, but um, yeah, people seem to really like having that value add. So definitely. Yeah. Um, I have friends who have turned streaming into a full time job and they’re amazing at it and they work very hard on it. It’s not just you sit down in front of a camera, you play a game. People are going to flock to you. You really need to put yourself out there because if no one knows you’re there, they’re not going to be able to watch it.

Host 1: Absolutely. And the car, our friend Trevor, a few, Tmartn, he says that in his office as a parting Augie and stuff. Laughing

Miss Chezza: a youtube streamer? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Youtube is so much more difficult than twitch. I’m so twitch is great for the new streamer for sure. If, because you can jump on easily fairly easily. If you have a console in a connects or if you just have a cheap video cam on your pc, you can jump on pretty easy. Youtube videos take a lot more commitment to make because you’re editing hours and hours of content and you’re trying to find the best, uh, the best product to put out the best content. What, so I have nothing but respect for you to, uh, video creation creators because they’re amazing. You have any memorial

Host 1: Mary answers with streaming? Yeah. Yeah. Since you started.

Miss Chezza: Um, one of them was probably the other day the other week, so I started streaming bioshock infinite on my patriot. And so my patreon is like, um, you mentioned earlier this month, the subscription service where people can get prints and they talk two years, we’ll get private lives, uh, streams and things like that. So I started streaming bioshock infinite on pitch in, and then I took a break compatriots. So I kept streaming it on twitch and I’m really bad with anything remotely scary. Anything that will pop out at you. I’m really bad. This is why I don’t usually play a fps games on twitch or in general. Actually. I’m talking Fernet. It is beautiful. It’s actually one of the most amazing games I’ve ever played and the storyline was worth it. So I gave it a shot. Even though I’ve been told there’s a jump scare near the end, which isn’t even like that much of a jump scare, but for me, oh my goodness. So did that stream. That was the second last stream of the game and I had to keep taking breaks every five minutes. I’m like, it’s a scary, let me just take a few minutes. You guys like everyone was amazing. That was probably one of the highest viewer counts I’ve ever had. People like what do people get scared?

Miss Chezza: And when the jump, a jump scare happened, I gave a little shiver, screamed on the stream. So that one I’ll always remember because I pushed through it and I knew I had to finish because people were expecting me to finish and they were there because they’ve been watching the whole time and I owed it to them. So I’ll never play another scary game that make someone else do those clients from now on. It was definitely memorable. I’ll always remember it. I actually went to a vr night at my friend’s place, uh, last weekend I think it was. And I tried the rick and Morty game, which was amazing by the way. You see my little more, it was really cool. And I’ve only ever tested vr before. I’ve never played a game. So it was really fun. We played one called, um, accounting as well, which is by the creators of Rick and morty. So they are really cool, like fun quick games in Vr. And then my friend tried out, don’t knock twice, which is one of the horror games. Um, to be fair, he only played it for about 10, 15 minutes, so it didn’t get super scary, but I was sitting on the couch watching him play it on the screen and I was scared. I couldn’t watch it.

Miss Chezza: No, I will never play it forward. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Commercial Break: You’re listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson. Welcome back. I give
Host 1: him a nation. It’s your host, Dennis Scott and last Jefferson and today’s in today’s podcast we have missed Chessa. Uh, she’s a costlier and Gamer streamer. Make sure to rewind back to the podcast if you did, if you’re just tuning in now, but right now we’re going to jump in and ask

Host Daniel: Welcome back! It’s going to be a new mode today because of it. Our bandwidth is a little slow, so it’s going to be in slow Mo. I’m finding like a matrix, snes – street fighter – combo things and we’ll see how I was going to go stay young.

Miss Chezza: It’s a bit laggy so you might completely destroy me.

Miss Chezza:  Right. Got It.

MIss Chezza: I have a sliver of life left. I think we will get one game and someone more shit. I’m a, I’ll be honest with Ya. That was painful. Otherwise normal speed. I am much better. I’m thinking of um, my new schedule now that we’ve finished while I was talking finance. So I’m hoping to play people too, which is one of my favorite games. Um, awesome. So we’ll see. I’ll have to stream it like from the xbox app onto my pc. So we’ll see how that works. I don’t know. It might be legging. You can be more waistband. Copier will not be about that. Have you, have you played, um, like black ops for or have the time and in those duty duty went back in the day. So I actually played call of duty two on pc when it came out. Okay. Know not to like date myself or anything, but yeah, I get older. Um, and then I played some world at war online, but I’m not, like I said, I’m not good with fps and I’m even worse when it comes to our controller. I can aim worth shit. So I didn’t play them. Yeah.

Host 1: Just for reference. Um, he, he grew up in Atari. Yeah.

Miss Chezza: Sorry. I had a commodore. Oh yeah. My Dad, uh, I mean I was quite young, but my dad is a Gamer. That’s how I got into it and we always had like the top of the line computer of the day. So that’s when I started, I started with pc and then I moved off.

Host 1: You were rocking it back in the day when they pentium 228 megabyte.

Miss Chezza: Oh, I know. Like, yeah. No, I didn’t really get into console’s until probably the early two thousands because, I mean, I say this now because I probably didn’t know, but my dad is like a huge Gamer, but it was always pcs and we were in England at the time. Um, cause that’s where I’m from originally. If not, it’ll sound like it. Uh, I just didn’t have any friends who had consoles. Like I didn’t even know they existed until I came to Canada.

Host 1: Yeah. Yep. Good response for it. Yeah. I have doses and territory.

Miss Chezza: Oh really? And I can say, all right guys,

Host 1: you’ve got to bring this to the, to the angle or podcast. No, Ms Chezza. Cheryl, well, thank you so much for, for being again. Yeah. We had to take some time with you. Looking forward to have you back on in the future. You’re talking about some awesome things. Nest in a year. Phenomenal north via community. Um, phenomenal skills. Uh, btb questions. He push it another year from now. Uh, before, before we do go, is there anything you’d like to leave with the audience?

Miss Chezza: Thank you guys so much for having me. This has been such a pleasure. It’s been great talking to you guys about gaming and streaming and costly version of us. Thanks for giving me Daniel. If anyone wants to check out my stuff, I’m on twitter at [inaudible] and you can go to [inaudible] dot com it’s 2 cents and uh, yeah, that’s about it. Thank you guys.

Host Daniel: Absolutely. Make sure. Check the description guys. Um, you’d have all the links in there. Until next time guys!

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