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►Episode #004 Of GameChat

►In Todays episode we chat with GrantTheGoat. At only 15 years old, he’s already amassed over 27,000 subscribers on youtube! Listen in as he talks about mobile gaming, fortnite and more!

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

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Intro / Promo:                      Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on east sports. In all things game related, each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

Daniel S:                                  Alright, good morning again. My name is Daniel Scott and Jefferson here. Your clothes from Cambridge Bay. Hope you don’t have enough. Fantastic morning so far today. We have an awesome guest. I hadn’t even his phase Jasper. He is a phase up phase. Jasper was unsure your guests is part of the phase clan and just not part of the time, but he’s also the fitness coach for faze clan. Uh, so, so we affairs Jasper, he’s a fitness trainer who became the Co leader of fitness, uh, the channel and he’s helping bring gamers a healthier lifestyle. Let up real quick and he’ll give you introduction of who he is and what he does.

Faze Jspr:                                Yes. So, um, you probably, yeah, you talked all about it. I was the co founder of face fitness at Charlotte. We started a couple of years ago alongside we’d face Sensei, uh, where we wanted to bring more awareness of health and fitness in the gaming community and um, that pretty much rolled into e-sports when face decidedly he wanted, we wanted to focus a lot on east sports and a lot of east sports teams, um, so of decided to make me the fitness coach for all the teams, for all the players. So Dave can, you know, if they have any questions or if they need me to travel to events that I can help them out with their fitness routines and just make them more aware of the benefits of living a little bit of a healthy lifestyle because obviously these guys are playing video games a lot and sitting down a lot. So it’s good to have some movement now and then that’s pretty much what I do.

Daniel S:                                  And um, and I, I guess like the conventional wisdom, a conventional thought is there’s not a lot of exercise going on in video gaming. Yes. My eyes as a fitness coach, you know, and that’s very important. Fitness owner around and like you said, sitting down for hours at a time. Exercise is so important in helping nutrition is so important and in, for playing the game. So you need to eat right to, I imagine you need to have the right mental stamina to focus,

Faze Jspr:                                super important to focus on the, you know, making sure your stamina for long game or the long session is super important because these guys playing the top, top level so you need to focus from minute one to the last minute. So that’s why we try to work on as well.

Lance J:                                    So walk us through a little bit in regards to what, why you would, let’s say for example, and you have a, a new, a new client or a new guy that you’re working out with a what? Walk us through a little bit of what you kind of go through in regards to their workout schedule, their nutrition plan, stuff like that.

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah. So there’s two different ways. It’s either meet them at some events, so it’s a new team or a new player. On a team and I meet them in person so I have a little, I get to know them obviously and figure out if they’re in a first question is, are they even remotely interested in fitness at all or is it more like a low key thing that they. Yeah, they can work on something or are they super dedicated? Um, so that’s the difference there. And then I pretty much figured out what their goal is. Even maybe just in general get a little bit more healthy or livable or aware. So I provide them with some information. I take them to a gym it hotel gyms usually. Um, so I explained a little bit more about it or you know, give them a quick 15 minute workout in the morning to get them started and then ask them, see for themselves what it does with our body, you know, so to figure out themselves like, oh, okay, cool.

Faze Jspr:                                Oh I have a good workout. I shower, I feel fresh now and I’m ready for today, you know, uh, but also have people like Carrie again who is the, who is pretty much the, I’m the team captain for the cs go team for the counterstrike team who actually wanted to lose some weight so we have a very active goal. Um, so I helped them set up a workout plan regarding that and attrition plan and then whatever the defense, I try to stay on their toes a little bit at restaurants or eating at the hotel or watch what you’re eating right now. Don’t do that coke the coke zero or your drink of water, you know. So yeah, that’s what I,

Lance J:                                    it sounds like what you’re doing is exactly what we do on the digital side as well, which is we kind of hear what the customer’s objectives are and their goals are. And then from there we strategize to see how we’re going to meet those objectives. And that’s, that’s. That sounds like that’s exactly what you’ve been doing.

Faze Jspr:                                Yep. And it’s um, it’s not a normal. If you will be a personal trainer in a gym, people obviously come to you and they’re like, hey, I want this with my body, and then you provide them with that, but it’s in this way. It’s more like face puts me on a team like, hey, figure out how you can help those guys better than game. So, uh, it’s a little bit more of a slower approach. Just not everybody is 100 percent into the fitness thing. So, uh, yeah, it’s definitely different, but super, super nice when you finally get that result or have them say like or see like, oh damn, this is really nice. You know,

Lance J:                                    something I was interested in too is how did you connect with fees and the fee is kind of me holding back. How did that begin?

Faze Jspr:                                So that’s a quite an interesting story. I was in film school four years ago, Ish, and I was super active on Youtube. I made call of duty videos myself, just gameplay videos and stuff. And then I kind of rolled out of that because I went to film school. So I’m up around that time I discovered a gym by friends and I was super into the fitness thing and then I thought to myself like, damn face, I was always such a big face down because honestly we’re super big into community. So I figured out like, Damn, how cool would it be if it’s something more on the active side, like imagine if they promoted a little bit of health and fitness. So pretty much I decided to email them. I’m just trying my luck. No luck for the first 20 emails and then the 21st email was like, okay, hey, we’re already working on this idea with Sensei. Um, but since I could use some help. So that’s why I was super into the youtube thing and since they didn’t know anything about youtube or how to run a channel or anything like that, so I pretty much became a sidekick in that. And then go from there.

Daniel S:                                  So you just, your, your constant war civilians in getting in, getting an underwrite time that you sit on the 21st street. He was like, Hey, is this something we need some more? That’s awesome. Dot exactly how have you, uh, like a, have you heard about a guy called Gary Vaynerchuk? Gary?

Faze Jspr:                                Yes. It was actually fun story. I was actually in his office a few weeks ago. Oh my,

Daniel S:                                  you didn’t make you log?

Faze Jspr:                                No, I did not. He was actually in a meeting like right next to me this far away. He was at a meeting but top.

Lance J:                                    Yeah, we’re dying to try to get up there and meet them ourselves. We actually created our business model around his principles. So we implemented a lot of his

Faze Jspr:                                pretty book like right there. Yeah, that’s it.

Daniel S:                                  Integral. You were saying where you just being close to them and letting like that’s like one of his key strikes is two ways I can go do it. Just do it. Exactly. Yeah.

Lance J:                                    And provide value, you know, at the end of the day.

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah, that’s what I, that’s what I tried to do on my personal socials is to provide value for the people watching

Lance J:                                    that, that formula has been. So I’m mad and I’m almost speechless in a guide as to how phenomenal it is in regards to getting what our, our, our, our objective. Sorry.

Daniel S:                                  Yeah, for sure. That’s awesome. And so you, you said you linked up with fear Sensei, you click it ever since and together you guys run the fitness page or not. That’s all you.

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah, they were used to do that right now it’s a little on hold. It’s been on hold for over a year now. We were trying to figure out the exact direction the channels should be going because we were doing it ourselves and the production quality wasn’t really there. It was, um, let me try to work well phases. We try to work on an ad on a plan, but it’s phase has been growing so, so hard and it’s fit super hectic behind the. So right now it’s a little under low and when the time is right just try to revive it again and um, but yeah, for right now is a little on the low, low personal pages is, it’s been a very hard question for myself because I’m trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between the gaming and the fitness. I am pretty active in the fitness community on youtube but also obviously in the gaming community with face clients. So I’m trying to figure out the best way to bridge those gaps and create something unique like a unique platform for people to hang out for fitness guys and also from gamers. So it’s been a hard task but trying to get there.

Lance J:                                    No, no, definitely not a question in regards to preparation for like your ladies tournaments and events that your, your um, competitors go into. Um, is there a specific type of supplement because you know there’s a lot of men is a lot of mental stress as a stream and you go to these, these events and stuff. So is there a supplement that you might use or recommend for your clients?

Faze Jspr:                                I don’t really use supplements with, with the e sports guys, unless they’re like super insulate, gaining as much muscle as possible, but for them it’s like they’re traveling a lot so it’s not really a useful for them to have a tub of protein or whatever with them, it doesn’t really make sense. It’s very hard for them to keep doing that. My view on it is if I’m not there to do nothing like in, I’m trying to make them do something like the basics because the basics make the biggest difference already in like in comparison to do nothing. Right? So I try to keep it simple. I try to make sure I provide them with some information on nutrition because a supplement is just an addition to your diet yellow, so when you don’t have in your diet and check a supplements not going to make the difference. So I always tell them, eat your fruits, eat your vegetables, make sure you eat your proteins and just half of value. Very well balanced diet. That’s the best way for them to do it because they’re carrying around supplements. For us it’s like it’s the hassle of it started to become more of a thing that have to think about more often and that sucks, you know, it has to be super easy for them to do.

Lance J:                                    No, no. With that being said, um, in regards to your basics, you recommend a three meals a day, five meals a day, what, what’s your recommendations on that?

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah, that’s also a very hard thing with them because honestly they play any, any stored image. They can play from 10 to eight and they have two hours of playing and in two hours for nothing and then four hours of playing and everyday that the schedule changes. So for them it’s super, super hard to time their meals. Um, yeah, it’s all scheduled basis. Day to day. We decide what’s the best time to eat and like I try when they’re playing and they have a little 10 minute break. I was started to provide them with some bananas or, or stuff like that. Sort of like have a quick snack but like food, meals and super, super hard sometimes.

Lance J:                                    No. In that situation, would you slip in maybe like a, um, like a supplement me, like a, um, like a protein shake or anything like that?

Faze Jspr:                                A protein shake or a protein bar for those situations is perfect yet because it’s super convenient and super fast. Awesome. But it’s only when I’m there because I’m the one that’s gonna go out and make those or they can’t do that. So that’s definitely a hassle. As long as they can focus on their game and the tournament, they should be fine and I’m just there to support, to make it easier for them I guess. Right. Makes Sense. Makes Sense.

Daniel S:                                  Necessarily jumped out quick commercial break and when we come back we can jump right into the Olympics topic. Perfect. Fit You with your listening to the game chat podcast, brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

Speaker 5:                              Okay.

Daniel S:                                  Welcome back to game chat or if you’re just joining us, we have phased Jasper in the house. He is the one in official fitness coaches for the Klan. All right, so welcome back.

Lance J:                                    Yeah. So, uh, before we went into the break, we started to talk about East sports in the Olympics. What’s your thoughts on that?

Faze Jspr:                                Um, I’m always thinking, I, my opinion on the East Sports Olympics thing is I think e sports is a real sport. I think these guys are actual athletes, uh, because the, the amount of work they put in the competition, the level that they play and you don’t just become a pro to actually have to be really good and have to put into work. Same as with any other sport. You have to be really good at it. And it, um, a lot of people say it’s not a physical thing, but if you actually see these guys work, that super draining, it’s not only physically but mentally as well. It’s super, super hard. You handle the coordination, the amount of speed that they have, good accuracy. It’s super physical in that way. So I, I, I can see why they would not do it in the Olympics because a lot of these games are like killing games and shooting. So it’s not very friendly in that way.

Lance J:                                    But what about if you go back to the, to the traditional type sports leg, your FIFA, your nba, those types of sports, sporting events? I think it’d be go along those lines that there shouldn’t be any real issue in regards to the silence, right?

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah, no, that’s very, very true. The FIFA and twoK and stuff. Perfect Games. But those games, the communities are way smaller in the audience are race smaller then the shooting games like cs go and call of duty obviously for nine right now. So they not be on a level to even compete at Olympics because it would just look really bad for the whole sports thing in general, you know.

Lance J:                                    Now with that being said, like, what if you could do something for the future, like what would you suggest are, what kind of recommendations would you make in regards to not saying, uh, the various countries preparing for east ports in the Caribbean? What would you, what would you tell that the comp, the country’s coming up,

Faze Jspr:                                the country’s coming up for east sports. I guess it’s a very good question. Like a lot of events, a lot of, uh, I think building a real community is, um, is very important. Um, you see a lot of, um, for example, let’s say kind of strike. They have a lot of countries that are really kind of countries like Sweden or Denmark. Uh, they’re very, very big. So those games are super, super popular there. So I guess figuring out a game that you can build a community around is very important. And so you have all those people in the Caribbean come together and build a real, I guess a real community. So by creating events or doing um, yeah, that’s definitely a good way to, to build east sports in the country.

Lance J:                                    So changing gears a little bit again, um, I want to talk about yourself and your youtube channel since you, since you started your youtube channel. Like what, what type of benefits have you been seeing coming from? Like your, your, your, your subscribers?

Faze Jspr:                                Sure. Um, I think the first thing that you have to think about is why you’re doing it. So my did it for a passion of helping people. I really all my life when I was at a gym, I was super, super dedicated, so am and other people see that and lop. We’re still asking questions like, hey, how are you doing this or why you’re doing that? And I just were like, okay, yeah, that makes perfect sense to help other people because people ask for it. Obviously if the passion that you do it for ’em and then the benefits, the first thing you get is from you hear from those people who watch your videos or watch our content, uh, they’re like, hey, this helped me with this or I became stronger because of your video or whatever it is that, that’s a real benefit that you get from the.

Faze Jspr:                                You get a lot of good feedback. So that’s the first thing. This is a super nonmonetary value thing that you get from being a social influencer. Although I hate the word influencer because everybody’s an influencer now, you know, but nobody’s really influenced. I’ve actually really trying to influence the game. You can read it and think about more about health and gaming and promote that. Um, so the other sides of that is obviously the minds, everything I’m honestly, companies are super interested in if you have a following and if you have a reach of audience down their sugar, you’re interested in using you your name or your brand as a, a sales point I guess. So it’s clothing, supplements, it’s whatever you, you might imagine.

Lance J:                                    So in regards to less than the content now that you’re producing on youtube, is that, is that more along the lines of, let’s say you come up with a new, uh, a new workout that you want to showcase and show the benefits? Is that something, is that how you kind of come up with your content or what’s, what’s your process?

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah, so it’s actually very funny because I’m releasing a workout program tonight on my website. So much content. I try to act as we talked about it before. I try to provide value and just say it’s a combination of entertainment and informational content because obviously nobody really wants to watch a 12 minute video would only con like informational stuff. Think about what I have some fun. If you watch youtube, you’re just watching it because you’re enjoying it. So it’s a, it’s definitely a combination between entertainment and informational value. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s work, it’s gaming, it’s, it’s again, trying to bridge the gap between those two. I have a lot of gaming audience from fiscal and obviously so trying to make them more aware of the benefits of health and fitness is definitely a goal that I have with my content.

Lance J:                                    Right. It’s a unique combination of fitness and d, e sports and gaming. Right. So

Faze Jspr:                                yeah, you don’t see that often. So that’s why it’s super hard for me to, you know, think about the exact way that I want to do my content or most of the videos that I want to post because it’s such a unique thing. You have a couple of people who actually do it, but it’s not the way I did. I want to do it. So it’s figuring out myself how would you want to do it?

Lance J:                                    No, no. Before, previously you mentioned like you had some basic workouts that you would give some of your clients and stuff. What’s, what’s a basic workout? Let’s say I’m training for FIFA, Fifa Tournament and you know, I just want to get myself more mentally and a little bit more physically prepared. Like what, what kind of steps?

Faze Jspr:                                It doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s, it’s more of a, you know, up in your heart rate so your body starts working, you know, you’re sweating a little bit. That’s, that releases a lot of chemicals in your brain and makes you feel good and makes you feel fresh and happy and ready and focused, you know. So it’s more of um, it doesn’t really matter what exercise you’re exactly dudes. And what did you do? Something. So a lot of the times when I go to this year with these guys, it’s like a 15 minute or 20 minute full body workout with some burpees, mountain climbers. We do some muscle exercises like lat pull downs or shops or stuff like that. It’s a combination of those, but it’s about upping your heart rates and being active and like get your blood flowing.

Lance J:                                    No. You just mentioned, you just mentioned up in your heart rate. So when you’re playing these, you’re playing these competitive games, right, and you’re really into these games. Now all of a sudden you start to get that adrenaline pump in your heart rate starts to go up. Now what’s the difference from Daemon and getting that heart rate up versus going out there and physically doing that exercise.

Faze Jspr:                                That’s a very hard question because I’m not a professional gamer so I can’t really accomplish a lot. So I have those adrenaline moments. Like when you’re one V, 149 black guys live, you get that adrenaline rush that I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t. Um, it’s very, it’s definitely different feeling than when you’re in a gym just getting tired for sure. But um, would I say though is that you control that a little bit better when you’re all like weary of gym and building that Stamina, building that up and getting used to that feeling is definitely helping when you have those very tight situations.

Lance J:                                    Yes. Yeah, makes sense. Makes Sense. Makes Sense. Um, other thing, what’s a 2019 is right around the corner. Is there anything special that you guys have planned? Are you looking forward to doing for 2019?

Faze Jspr:                                Nothing that I can talk about. Actually. There’s a lot of stuff.

Lance J:                                    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Oh yeah. We definitely have to look and see what we can do behind the scenes. I’m trying to get you guys down here in the Caribbean. Isn’t a Cayman Islands for sure. I think that brings us to the, to the end here.

Speaker 6:                              Hey, and Jasper, is there anything that you’d like to leave as opposed to remark to any of the audience?

Faze Jspr:                                Um, I guess in regards to fitness, like start with the basic stuff, like do, do it if you love it, if you like it, try it out. Don’t get crazy trial with all the things at once. Just built step by step and implement some fitness or some health things in your life. Think about your nutrition. Think about some foods that you’re eating. Think about the amount of soda. Did you mind consuming all the energy drinks and you my drink?

Speaker 6:                              Be Conscious of what you’re putting into your body and be. Exactly, and especially in going to the Gamer side, if you’re a Gamer, be especially conscious as well too. You can get your mental game up in your, in your reaction time up by improving your health and fitness

Faze Jspr:                                a lot. Yes. One hundred percent. I got so much feedback from the guys that they feel so much better during the day. Yeah, you get a lot more energy. It sounds if you’re not interference, it sounds really weird that you work out and get tired, but get energy from it, but you actually get energy. You feel a lot more awake during the day. If you exercise, it’s very good for your body, so I’m definitely.

Lance J:                                    Well, they say that that’s actually the. The, the Fountain of Youth Right there is a sports and fitness.

Faze Jspr:                                Yeah man. Exercising

Lance J:                                    only if it’s a 15 minute exercise a day or 30 minutes, whatever you can do. Everybody has 15 minutes in their day. They can do wake up 15 minutes earlier and do a little workout in your living room. It’s so easy. There’s no excuse for not to do it and it’s such. You have such benefits from it. It’s so small steps that you start from, you don’t do the workout the first time because you’re going to hate it and you’re going to quit to do the 15 minute one and you’re fine. Awesome. Well thank you so much. Jasmine was really good. Um, you know, we look forward to maybe having this conversation again in the near future. You know,

Faze Jspr:                                definitely. I would love to have this conversation again in the Caribbean.

Lance J:                                    Winter’s coming to sit down with Virgin Margarita. I like it. Awesome.

Speaker 6:                              Alright. Got An audience out there. I’ll make sure to check the description. We’ll make sure Jasper’s, although his links his so his social media links is definitely his website is. We’ll make sure to check the website and especially for the new. Can you guys hear listen to this. He should already have his fitness videos already out on his website. That’s Jasper JCP are.

Faze Jspr:                                Thank you so much.

Lance J:                                    Alright guys. Alright, thanks. Till next time we’re out there.

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