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►Episode #006 Of GameChat

►In Todays episode we chat with Eric aka Mr. Caymanian. He’s from Cayman Brac, a small Island with less than 2,000 people, yet he has already amassed over 5,000 followers through the internet! Tune in to learn what this Gears Of War Gamer & Youtuber has to say!

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

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Daniel S.: Oh Man. Okay. I think we’re ready guys. I think we are ready.

Intro: Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on east sports. In all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the worlds of gaming, from up and coming streamers to youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson. It was going on guys. Welcome back the game chat. I’m lance and I’m your host Scott. And today we’re talking with Eric Aka Mr Caymanian. Check him out on his instagram and youtube channels. Eric, go ahead and introduce yourself.

Mr Caymanian: Come on, Mister Caymanian. Um, big cam rack, Youtube. We’re here. Um, you know, getting into youtube, you know, I tried to look at different games and that, you know, just like spine it upon what I love, which is model, call Matt and um, injustice. The gears of war. Ever since my father started getting me into games and I started off with smaller common, the united a really grew up with that name, draw my whole entire life and played gold street con, um, played a spinner so it’s clean. All of these army games again, familiar as with everything. And you can tell you one thing about me too. Well, what got me into gears. Um, I remember this day because as soon as they really, really memorable to me because I love this game to the verde with all the trial and errors of the game. I still love it.

Mr Caymanian: Um, uh, back in 2005, they dropped this trailer out and it was like raining outside. I remember like the atmosphere of the day because like, you know, they brought a really big impact in my life and I saw this trailer and it was just like a beauty and destruction. Hmm. My back in that time, it was just slate. That game was like the showcase of the xbox three, six 60, and they actually like worked around years because um, at that time years was like the, the main focus for Microsoft at the time and they didn’t really need that. I gave to ship off and be the best one out there. And what I saw that game and you know, when we got an xbox three 60, um, regard years that that was like the only game I played. I played nonstop. Like I ran through the campaign from the heart. As soon as the game came out, I played the second artist, um, difficult to beat the game and then I went back to it again, beat the beat, the campaign on the hardest difficulty. I was just on like console nonstop.

Lance J.: They all of this game play. Do you also play competitively?
Mr Caymanian: Yeah, I also do, um, like gb matches for years. No, it’s been a while since I’ve done, it has been a bone of a few months. I’ve been trying to take a couple of months off the game because it really does, puts a, it puts on my blood pressure stuff

Lance J.: clean. Again, Pumpkin, that
Mr Caymanian: spatial planning in a competitive scene. And um, me and my brother, we was getting really into it and be actually fought against some like mlg teams that play on the tournament’s years war. We stumble across them and, um, I can’t remember their Gamer tags, but they were like up there, there’ll be playing like over like a hundred grand and determine the live tournaments and whatnot. And the fact that we, we almost won almost when it was a three v three the fact that we almost won it will encourage me to keep on going. Exactly. And you know, I went off and, you know, play with other teams. I didn’t like go anywhere, but it just, that, you know, online, you know, playing with other teams and see how they react and, you know, what’s your strategy and whatnot and over years it’s all about your teammates man is, that’s why I’m, that’s what I love about it. Like you need to know where you are. Um, the crossing, the um, the call outs where enemies is going to be at what certain time. It’s, it’s a really good bmi then it really gets your blood going.
Lance J.: Is there any, any particular players that, that you, that you team up with to compete? I mean to play?

Mr Caymanian: Well, yeah, it’s been, it was just only me for the time being until like, um, one you tuber that does the same exact thing as me, but he usually covers like lower videos and whatnot or recently, and he’s been doing like more of the competitive scene and wants me to get into get into it. And the mere fact that he actually went 10 lan tournament and he talks about his experience, he’s like, you’re eric normally needs to get back into this and you know, we need to start training because he, he knows how I play and I took years really serious. Like that’s one that I know that

Lance J.: does this look like you said, um, can go there and really speaking to dominated being consistent with it. So that’s awesome. When you guys got very skilled to make it happen and get ranked around the world. Yeah, exactly. Yes. Switching gears for a second, so you’ve been playing gears of war from Oh six when you actually start streaming [inaudible] putting it on youtube,

Mr Caymanian: streaming and youtube. That would have been a good year. There we go. So you today would be like my second.
Lance J.: Oh Nice. Yeah. So, so run a red around. No is actually like your one year anniversary till year. Two

Mr Caymanian: year anniversary. That’s fantastic. What got you to start streaming to say, you know what, I need to share this with the world. I need to um, you obviously you must have had some good skill, but at times even playing for almost 10 years at that point so that you, you’ve felt that you felt good, but what urged you to start sharing that with the, well, you know, my father, he started me you until the steroid. Um, and I used to do cards please for marvel called mad. But you know, we never really went out there with it. We just like stayed home and like recorder, like afford each other. Nice. And I would say I started and I make a push back in 2015 and then part of it, um, you know, I told myself, I was like, you know what, now I’m willing to start fresh cause I had like three youtube channels and the macro scribes for those words are like old 35. And like, so I was like, you know what, no, I’m must start fresh and get my name out there. So I started, I thought about a name and I was like, no, Mr Caymanian let me just represent where I’m coming from. That’s what I did.

Daniel S.: I kinda like that. Like you’re a little style how you use like one particular person and you’ll doing all of the executions and you know, some, some, some of the videos you got, I’m doing a little dance and all that kind of stuff. So do you do your own editing or who’s helping you out with that?

Mr Caymanian: Well, to be honest is all Mima down to the thumbnails, the videos. Um, like, um, I, you know, I have lived most of my friends, you know, help that helps me with the, um, well I’m shooting like doing all the executions and I have my friends help you with that and you know, just a big shout out to them and especially my brother helped me and like I would have like four or five of my classmates jump on the game with me and we just get some, um, you just started to record and you know, start to do other ideas and whatnot. I did skit, some of the skits are on my channel. I used to do it like once every month or so, but you know, I can like drifted off from that. And it did gain plays. There’s a lot of words and like Hawaii he used to do all of that is like, it used to really tire me out because like, you know, I work during the day and like soon as I come home would be like around five or so when I’m tired.

Mr Caymanian: And I was like, you know what, no, I need to do a video. And like I won’t go sleep around 12 one o’clock in the night because you know, I’m doing the video, I’m editing, doing the thumbnail and making sure the video is rendered and upload it onto youtube with the title and everything inside the description, all tags, make sure the video is monetized and all of this kind of stuff just before I go to sleep. And then when I get up in the morning, you know, I watch it and it is, look at the video, find it while it’s on youtube, but I can only view it and I wait until either 12 or one o’clock to upload the video. And it was a really tiresome thing to do for a good year. Yeah. Actually, yeah, I actually did that for a good year and knowing from like where I’m starting, like I remember those days it’s like really stressful.

Mr Caymanian: My just got off it and do that every single date. But 2015 though I just uploading like random clips of me playing shadows of more door, um, me playing halo. And stuff like that, but I’m around when years four was coming up, I told myself, I was like, you know what? No, I’m a go strong in this scheme and up trying to upload like every single day and then it came out to the very long lunch date for it and I saw everyone doing like walk throughs of the campaign. I wanted to do that, but I was like, I don’t want to be like everyone else get lost in like if you search a gears of war you would just get lost in the owl, which we call it the search engine. No one will find your videos. I was like, you know what, let me do something different.

Mr Caymanian: Let me try to prestige and the game before everyone else. So like as soon as soon as I did that within three days I was already the first prestige to prestige on gears of war you have to be a level a hundred and it was like every Friday before Christmas that year, 2016 and the game came on October 7th. Right before Christmas I was already 10th prestigious, the highest ranking the game. I and I had videos about it and everyone’s like, oh my God, how are you the highest frank? No, show me what to do and what not. And like from then like my videos are just blowing up. Like I was getting like five one k 4,000 views each video and I was just like, wow, my biz getting, I’m getting in there and like slowly and um, this slowly from from zero to 50, got the 75 soon as they hit a hundred, that was a big milestone for me because I was like the most subscribers ever gotten and I just kept on going, doing pack openings.

Mr Caymanian: I was switched it. Oh, play killer instinct. I would play mortal Kombat x from time to time. But what really pushed me to where I am is gears, man. I just find like something to where like, okay, no, no one’s ever seen this. Let me do it. And I just to highlight on it and it blew up like, um, recently I actually, I recently blew up like really, really fast with um, two, two videos that took me maybe less than two hours to make and, and like it is very d and I’m, I’m still looking at it and people message me on x box telling me, oh, they love my videos of the, can’t wait until they start unloading some more and one and like, um, I think my most viewed video has like 106 to 2008 views. Yup. Yeah. Yeah. And the mere fact is that I actually got, um, mentioned on the gears of war web site.

Mr Caymanian: Oh Wow. Awesome. She made it big. It has to be. I’m like, yeah, this is Malcolm will put in Cayman and all yama and just reading the headlines or they have, they’re like, oh, make sure to check out Mr Caymanian. He does everything with um, with executions game please pack openings and like I was actually one of the first people that the beat the game on the hardest difficulty and have it uploaded on Youtube. And I’m the hardest difficulty on the game is, um, is uh, inconceivable if you get, if you get shot twice, you’re dead this automatically and the mere fact, and I beat the game on that and like channels, there’s actual one specific channel that one of my friends reach out to me and make linked me. This channel has over I think a million and a million. Yeah. 400,000 subscribers. Wow. Actually mentioned me in their video by completing one of one game that’s on the well completing the game on the hardest difficulty and it was just, I was like really amazed. Just see my name up there. Yep.

Daniel S.: Yeah. I can imagine how that would feel and look like now that bubbling inside and you know, I mean at the end of the day it comes back down to hard work and consistency. So with that being said like what’s your plans for 2019? Are you going to be doing more gears of war or is there a new game that’s coming up then you want to focus on? Um, and are you going to be doing, like how often are you going to be doing your uploads

Mr Caymanian: uploads? Oh, we’re as of right now. Um, I’m actually trying to get my pc to work because they actually went down earlier this year, so that’s why I haven’t been uploading videos recently. Gotcha. 2008 it’s really looking, is reading shape it to be a good year because two of my favorite games coming on that same exact year and that’s smarter coma 11 and gears of war file. And just knowing that these two games that come out, I already know like Brian 2019, I am actually the name of the book, you know, start to let out of their live stream on, on youtube really hard or twitch because I want to really want to get inside of that, inside of that scene. You know, I would really want to get, pull my name out there for sure. But between the 19th though, I feel like I’m going to be covering that Maldi coma gears five especially that, that’s, that’s the end of this part of this year and I’ll be going in heavy in that game.

Lance J.: It jump into one more thing before we go into a commercial break. Uh, what would you, if it has any anyone under looking to start streaming and start gaming, uh, well what three tips you would give to them?

Mr Caymanian: Well, my number one tip is, um, you know, Lana roadmap, what you want to do and make sure they execute it at 100% first. You know, make sure you know, create a name for yourself, make sure you get your name out there. I have that. That’s on facebook, instagram, twitter. Those are the stuff I use. And I was like every I post one video I want to share. Oh, watch this video then what you think you know, gave me some feedbacks, like a change in my next video. Do stuff like that, you know, get your name, expand, let everyone know who you are and what to expect on your channel and whatnot. Second, don’t give up. It could be stressful at times you might upload a video and you might get like maybe two views, three views. It might be you just refreshing the video but it just keep on going. I’ve been there, I been there like it was really stressful and I was like, oh, should I, should I stop? No, just keep on going because the only reward is hard work. And as soon as you, the more you put that in more, you put in the hard work, it definitely gonna get something out of it. Definitely get something out of it. Just keep on going.

Lance J.: Um. All right, so, so viewers out there are going to jump to a quick commercial break, but when we get back myself and not just going to play against Mr Kimani online for Super Nintendo. So stay tuned, you don’t want to miss it. Your listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson. Welcome back to game chat. Uh, if you’re just tuning in, we’re here with Mr [inaudible]. We’re both to jump into super chic by the two turbo, a super nintendo stay tune.

Woo. Are you able to see the screen?

Oh yeah.

All right, so we’re ready to rock and roll and we have Mr Lies, Jefferson going and gets Mr Caymanian that see what goes down will come back again. The team chat. All right, well I’m gonna go with Chung Lees. Yeah,

Oh Man. Oh Man. I think we’ve got to get one more. You got to get this going again. Old got with you. Bruises there. But he’d bi just do a simple at duke in on, on the keyboard as high. Maybe I’m a hatch. I now that Jack did that does more to just kick [inaudible] what is the close one?
Daniel S.: Oh that’s the kid not as was very close to Mr Caymanian. You, you put up a good fight though. Especially on a keyboard.

Great Job!

Daniel S.: You can feel the adrenaline and that was a good fight. That was cool. I first started doing that. That was a good throwback. I haven’t played, the last one I played was um, street fighter five on station position for, yeah, we’ll always wanting to play like game on honestly. But my last one I played with street fighter four. Have you? Um, have you played soul count? The new soul calibur yeah, I actually have that. Me and my brother has been fighting and if you want another game, I a mortal Kombat. So what caliber is it? But listen, loving him. I grew up playing like I’m playing like a soul caliber to back on the game cube days to capitalize what I remember too where like depending on which country you, you forget. Especially [inaudible] I think link gator was for like xbox or something like that.

Daniel S.: I can’t quite remember it. I think two x box. I think we had um, spawn. The police station they had, he helped you from the movie. Oh Man. I love how, I love how they continually enhance the characters and their, and their, their outfits and you know like you can see all of their, like when it comes to their body, you can see all of them. I mean the ins and outs of the details and the guard said their, their muscles and everything. That is one character that I really liked, you know, that has a really good, a really good detail. I don’t know how to be between Astro for nightmare. Nightmare was a really good character in mind. But I remember playing as a man, especially like my age. My personal favorite was like, he just like move around like a snake. It was just a really fun just playing as him Raphael and a colleague. Oh Man. Max is just like, he’s just a, he’s just a jumper chunks. If you got someone I can play my tea. Good. Oh Man. You got to fight on your hands. I remember, I think it so caliber

Mr Caymanian: for that won’t when they had Yoda and Darth vader and apprentice. Yeah. I used to play with, I’m apprentice a lot because, but around that time, um, for some leash, so we’re sourcing for h was like really big at that time. I was so into that man like that. So we got to before is they wanted the games I used to play too with a lot in that question. Is there, is there any particular like youtube or that you follow or watching and try to mimic or turn on the spouse and inspires you? Uh, yeah, I, I actually watched this guy. He’s, his name is um, hollow point. He usually, he hollow point. Yeah. He doesn’t really stream gears or claim all the coal mine or whatnot. Um, he plays fortnight all of duty and he’s like the only person that can sit down and watch and not please call duty.

Mr Caymanian: And it’s like how he is and um, just the way how he plays. And for some reason like I tried to put that in my videos in a way, I guess certain compliments about it, you know, they like where I’m going and then like for some reason I was just like drift off from that and then do something else. I always go back and always go back. He told about call of duty. What, what’s your thoughts on the new college of the four color on black holes for it? It’s really good. I must say I am, I’m like a really good fine of um, well really big fun of uh, the zombies mode. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, I could sit down please on me. It’s like all the, I think when the game, once I like sitting down for hours on end just cleans on these.

Mr Caymanian: Like you would just find me on songs and multiplayer. I’m pretty decent at it, but my brother, you guys wouldn’t know him. Um, yeah. Yeah. Uh, he, he, he’s amazing. Especially when I called, I will see a link. It took him, I think it is about 60 days in game time. We can just like see your stats on call duty. He’s already master procedure. I would say like the good week or so. He was already mastered procedure and rate. No, I think and he’s 10th speech, um, level like a hundred and something already. So he, he uh, he lives on that game. He knows like he didn’t know.

Lance J.: So we can be that. He’s getting ready for young gamers. D Four. Awesome. Awesome. Before, before we close out the podcast or right, is there any closing remarks that you want it to leave it or audience and so for that, uh, and of course the audience below, you can check her out of Mr Caymanian links in the description. Check a mile. Yeah, fairly putting up. Yeah. Make sure you put them up there, but not before we go is, is there anything you’d like to share with audience?

Mr Caymanian: Well, um, I just want to say, you know, everyone that has that passion that wants to get started on youtube, man mean just not about a time to do it right now. I mean like everything that’s happening in the game industry. Um, there’s a whole lot of games where you can find your interest in and when you want to start, start, no, no. Put your foot down to the metal. I mean, hard work does really pay off. And I mean like coming from where I’m coming from, I just haven’t wanted to cells and that might have been 4,000 people telling me, Oh my God, she came right in the love putting came out of it. Oh yeah. And then like, it’s really good when people ask you, you know, where you’re from and what gets you started. There’s other people like from the UK and from the states, like what made you start do youtube and like there’s just, I always, I had that passion, I had that drive just to do youtube and I never stopped, never stopped. And where I’m at it is, it’s amazing.

Lance J.: It’s phenomenon. It doesn’t hurt that youtube is the second largest search engine in the world know. Definitely. I’m Mr Caymanian. Eric, it was a super pleasure having you on today. We look forward to having you back again in the future. Keep it up, man. Killing it. You’re repping for Kima. Yep. And um, keep, keep doing what you do. Real proud of what you’re doing and shore up their game a nation and Tibi student next to him in game chat. Daniel Lands,

Outro: Thanks for joining us this week on game chat. Make sure to visit our website Gamers Bake where you can subscribe to the show in Itunes, stitcher or via rss so you’ll never miss a show. We also have cool merchandise from tickets for next year’s event. While you’re at it, if you found value in the show, we’d appreciate it. A rating on Itunes, or if you’d simply tell a friend about the show, that would help us too. Can also find us on twitch, twitter, facebook, youtube, and instagram. See you all in next week’s episode of Game Chat.

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