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►Episode #008 Of GameChat

►In Todays episode we chat with Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room. He aims to bring you the complete history on your gaming past. He produces classical gaming docu-series, from his complete history of the Double Dragon series to his latest video showcasing some unknown Youtubers who deserve more subscribers and attention, showing how much he cares about the community!

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

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DJ Slope: What I grew up on, but I do love the Dr. Mario

Commentator 1: Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on east sports. In all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the worlds of gaming, from up and coming streamers to youtube, celebrity gamers. We learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson. All right. Good morning,

Daniel S.: It;s your host, Daniel Scott and last Jefferson. And we have a special guest host with us as well. Michael Ebanks, you all know him from, from Gamers Bay. Today we have an awesome guest. We have Daniel Albertson, Aka Dj slope from slopes games.

DJ Slope: That’s it. Yeah, it’s Dj slip from slopes game room. Thank you very much for having me guys.

Daniel S.: Thank you for coming on. Uh, no worries. Can you give our listeners just a little introduction about who you are and where you do?

DJ Slope: Absolutely. Yes. So I run that the youtube channel determine was called Daniel Ibbotson. But yeah, my main channel on there is slopes game room. So I’m primarily a retro gaming historic documentary channel and we’re going to go there and find some crazy facts, got games that you probably shouldn’t care about. Jack’s good at funding to them, you know, uh, on top of that, I also do the same is kicks scammers where I look into some dodgy dealings in the world of crowdfunding campaigns as well. I like to find a very interesting topics in those, in those areas.

Lance J: What’s on it does sound kind of controversial? Is that, is that part of your strategy?

DJ Slope: No, it works. You know, my, my, my gaming content and nine times out of 10 isn’t any kind of controversy. It’s all got started because I just did a couple of cool video game related things on Kickstarter, but people just tend to love them and it’s just evolved into what it’s evolved into. People love those, uh, those craziest sides and fixed, oh no, just quick started. They’ll have a crowd funding websites out there. Yeah, yeah.

Daniel S.: I think I saw those videos as well. I didn’t realize that was you as well.

DJ Slope: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, no. That’s it. I do well if they do well. And you’re in and you’re in England, right? Correct. I am indeed. I mean England. Yes. The very bottom right hand corner of that beginning the no island right in the corner. I’m about a minute drive from going to to France. Some great clothes.

Daniel S.: Oh, that’s nice. That’s nice. We were talking about too, we were talking about, we’re looking at here in the Cayman Islands and it’s something interesting as well too is very British overseas territory. To be honest, I don’t have like UK passports and so far not so you’re all blocks of free to be able to travel to one another. Yeah. So if you ever want to visit Cayman Islands, you know, come on dow!

DJ Slope: Oh wow. Cool.

Daniel S.: So I guess let’s jump into like some of the questions. So Daniel, When did, when did you actually get started, uh, doing your streaming? Like how long has it been?

DJ Slope: Basically I started is just under five years ago now, I started doing about one video a month. That’s what I told myself every month. Sometimes that down to about five, six weeks, it push it a little bit, but I just, first year one video, I’d spend a very, very long time on those videos. After a year it was my first little bit of money come in from Youtube. I mean it was nothing, $20 or something that I can’t remember, stickiness. But then, and then I started to see this possible future here and I was really enjoying what I was doing. So if I double, what do I do? I’ll double what I get. So I did that and then you know, the numbers on subscribers went up, the numbers went up, all these different things and then it just kept going on, going on and going on and going on. And here we are five years later. Yes. Full time since December. I could have started a little bit sooner, but um, we have to do a little bit of saving up to do basically buy this house so I can get my own office.

DJ Slope: No. Yeah, it’s such a rewarding job. That’s job because of that.

Daniel S.: Oh yeah. For the short term thing, you know, a certain amount of time.

DJ Slope: As much as I enjoyed them, I ended up doing, I did a bit of public speaking, so I was quite good at talking in front of a crowd, which I need to do as a, as a youtube or know going to conventions and whatever else I need to do x, I need to, uh, I got very good at, uh, promoting myself so and, and marketing. So we’re very good on the Twitter side of things. That sort of things that, that helps move youtube as well. So all these little things I’ve done in the past has grown generally. Think if I didn’t have those jobs, I wouldn’t be successful as a youtube. Right. Yeah. I mean, you know, I love what I do, but I don’t regret anything I’ve done in the past.

DJ Slope: my manager was a little bit old school. He was a bit more get up on the phone, which is good because it helps to one talking skills. But while I was doing that, I was going to events, learning and, and, and in my own time, even on youtube, just learning how to do digital marketing, you know, going on primarily things like Twitter and Facebook a little bit on Linkedin as well. Um, stuff like that. So yeah. But I primarily by then it was, it was phone based sales and marketing

DJ Slope: was playing my in the video on youtube, it’s brilliant. You can work. It had to do anything. Yeah. Like in my first year of Youtube, um, I wanted to learn how to build up my subscriber base. Didn’t really understand what a Hashtag was on Twitter or anything back then about five, six years ago. And I find a five minute, I would know what it weighs now, but I find a five minute video explaining how to search for related topics on the topics that you’re creating doesn’t video grades. And from that moment on, and it was only about a little, it was like a 14 year old kid that told me that. I don’t know who was it.

Daniel S.: Yeah. It only makes sense.

DJ Slope: Absolutely fantastic.

Daniel S.: No, it was watching your videos ran into it in the research. It was very clear how, how, how long, how long does it take tip from beginning to end to do what to do a video

DJ Slope: nailed it down now so I can get a good 10, 15 minute video out. Um, I mean I’m always watching them right now. Like for instance, I’ve always got about five or six scripts, half written. And then when I’d get to a stage, I’m not account and they do a little bit more of that and I added a little bit from here and there and sometimes I’ll find a bit of information about that French fries and Holiday Inn. Um, but once I’ve got to about halfway through a script, then I can pass the rest of the video out now and about three or four days. But that’d be in, um, but that full nine to five days like that, the hardcore days, but that’s only about a 15 minute video. Um, if I start getting into the bigger hour long videos, then they can literally take anything from weeks to months.

DJ Slope: The, um, the Metroid Metroid video, I think it was the Metroid video I did and that took over a month to a of hardcore works. Did I video, but it paid off. It was a fantastic video. I’ve got so much great feedback off that video. So yeah, but right now I’m working on a video that we’ll probably end up being two to three hours long as one single when, so, uh, at the moment, obviously as you know, my videos, I, I called him the complete history in my mind as a viewer, once you’ve watched my video on the complete history of whatever it may be, streets of rage, golden axe franchise, I cover, they technically as a view, you don’t need to see any other videos because I’m coming in. I mean, I’m sure hardcore fans will continue to go and see what else there is. But as, as a casual viewer, you will, I remember streets shit’s right there. My video will come up and then there’ll be a 30 minute video that tells you everything you need to know our streets. So, uh, yeah, sometimes when you come across a franchise, it’s so enormously big. Um, you just stopped writing and you just keep going into every game is done then it’s like as long as it takes,

Daniel S.: that’s where that tedious work comes in and consistency. Right?

DJ Slope: Yeah. Yeah. I’m like I say, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t have that, that, that, that mentality just to keep going if I didn’t work. In those previous roles,

Daniel S.: you mentioned that you work with, uh, several are you were doing some videos, like a few franchises group. Is there

DJ Slope: friends? Yeah, yeah. No one biggest influences, uh, before I started doing youtube, uh, you know, I’ve watched a lot of channels that, you know, I suppose this, I always put it as the same as when you start a band, you know, like no one spells a band without the, you know, you have to learn an instrument. I mean, you learn an instrument, you use, take inspiration from that, your favorite band, favorite drama, whatever it may be, and eventually the band that you create is an influence with about 20, 30, 40 years. You know, of any youtube I took influence from a lot of different youtube is, but one of my biggest influences was a channel called we Bundy junior. Um, I was really bright guy. He’s a great guy. I was really small, like couple of thousand Max, maybe even less. I can’t remember. And I reached out to him on Twitter and just said, hey, check this video out. And he liked it. We became friends and for a good couple of years I actually, I had to see his videos. He let me put my videos on his channel as well. So, and it was our way of promoting each other. Um, and yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Daniel S.: What’s the best part of being a content premier?

DJ Slope: There’s so many niches. It doesn’t matter if you’re into fishing, youtube, gaming, whatever it may be on youtube. To me, I had a lot of people, friends are into gaming, but I was so niche with my, do you remember that weird eight his game that no one remembers? Everyone would say no. You know, you go on, then you go on the Internet and there’s a whole flurry of people remember that game, they want it spoke to you. So when you stop training content about that, people start coming to you and saying, you know, I have people literally on a daily basis now come up to me and go, you know, give me suggestions for videos. Or they may say, Oh, do you remember this, Dan, do you remember this time? And you know, I’m getting into conversation with people all the time, which is what I wanted to do in the first place. I’m surrounded by nerds and I love it. That’s exactly it. And I go to, I mean last year I think I went to six conventions throughout the year and I’m just getting to meet all of these other youth, you know, these people to want to shake my hand and talk to me about gaming. I love it.

Daniel S.: Two for five, five years plus. Now, what have you learned that you could share with upcoming tubers? Like some, some tips that you’ve seen?

DJ Slope: Um, yeah. Yeah. Um, Amin I said earlier, you need, if you need to learn how to use social media. Um, I, I’ve actually been to events where, you know, you do Q and A’s and people that actually genuinely asked me, I’m doing all these videos but no one’s looking for them, you know, and you do get to learn, uh, take, take of from, of, so I could buy some of us successful youtubers and learn how to promote yourself on social media, but do it in a way that isn’t annoying basically. So I went through this phase of talking to people that I knew I wanted them to, to, to subscribe to my channel because I know we had similar interests. So on the one hand it’s great because I’m essentially making a new friend and secondly, hopefully that person will subscribe to my channel and nine times out of 10, they work.
DJ Slope: You know, cause I would be so, you know, I keep bringing up streets of rage, but this is a perfect example. I make a video on streets of rage. I would go to Twitter hashtag streets of rage and have a fine, crazy amounts of people that are talking about sheets of rage. Next thing you know, I’m just joining in with that conversation and someone was like, Oh, you’re the guy that made that video. And then all of a sudden there’s a whole trickle of people that know what’s this about them. What’s this guy talking about? And you know, so I would say, I mean that’s the, that’s the bare bones. Simply spit. But just learn how to use social media and learn how to communicate. Unfortunately, a lot of the time with Youtube, as a lot of people start youtube because they’re not great with socializing outside in the real world.

DJ Slope: And that’s not, that’s not the vast majority. But you know, there are people out there. As soon as the quicker you learn how to, to um, uh, be sociable person, I think it helps even even in the online space. The thing, the thing with gaming, youtube thing is so different depending on where or what type you want to get into. But not when I tell, you know, my, my, my, you know, friends that are parents as well, you know, got kids around five, 10 year old kids. Oh, gaming, youtube. But Oh my son wants to do that. It’s so incredibly different than what I’m doing. I mean there’s not many games for players or mind pop bys, but it’s just not what I do. A Q and a with the top people that did Minecraft let’s plays, it would be keep your different answers to what I’m getting. Um, uh, you know, streaming is a completely different service. Uh, I’d say it’s actually probably harder to be a streamer than it is. Do what I do because I’m a bit more niche than theirs as less people doing what I do. You know, if you go to youtube and you type in something like a Minecraft or like say fortnight and then look at the latest videos uploaded, you’ll just be pages and pages and pages.

DJ Slope: But then if you type in not can say streets of rage, I would still be at the front page mumps later in that sense. Um, I’ve got a easier, but then at the same time it’s, there’s less people out there searching for it. I think you need to push, um, as a virtual guy and he does numbers being signed, Lehigh to become kind of any, any kind of influence media space. I know Metro Youtube is that, um, a few come to mind, but they would do like stand up in front of the camera and talk to you about the latest news and then it would always be done in a way where it would be interacting if the crowd trying to get people to comment back, um, you know, share this with your friends, that sort of thing. Um, and even though I don’t do that, I do do that on social media play in social media. So instead of me taking a picture of the latest game I’ve got, I would be taking a picture of the lake. It’s going to have got the, then I would be asking a question based on it. Um, is this the best type, this type of game? And then just let the comments go down, you know? Um, yeah, it’s building up into action. It’s the same sort of thing. I think

Daniel S.: I mentioned some of the events that you attended.

DJ Slope: Um, yeah, that primarily old retro gaming base. Uh, so the UK has got a fantastic virtual gaming scene, um, that isn’t talked about online as much as say for instance, you know, the nes and the snes sort of thing. So in the UK we had a lot more of a heavy emphasis on the home computer scene. So we’re talking the Amstrad specific spectrums, the commodores, that sort of thing. So when you go to the, uh, the, these very almost run down events. Uh, they were brilliant. They were in these big, big, uh, I suppose not arenas, but these big halls. Um, the main one I go to as we plan events and uh, yeah, it’s fantastic. Just best destined, destined desks and that’s all of these really old, dusty, old computers and you know, BBC Micros and all this sort of stuff is brilliant. Obviously there’s a console space there and there’s lots of arcade machines.

DJ Slope: But, um, yeah, they’re, they’re fantastic and, but I go there, you know, you get to experience and meet people obviously, like I said. Um, and uh, yeah, you get to, we do talks as well. So a lot of Q and A’s people asking me questions like this along with other youtubers. Um, yeah, that’s, that’s primarily what we do. That they’re the main ones. I think they’re like five of the six or so that I went to last year. I did go to one actually. You Sega as well. Ega uh, but that’s more of a, a newer, it’s definitely more updated until the games that are coming out. So I got to meet a lot of, um, uh, people that work in the industry there. And again, like I said, previous rock, previous jobs, I used to go to conventions and you know, back when I worked in it and you’d go and meet other companies because of the exact same thing. It’s like it shouldn’t be alone. And I went along and I met Namco and I met all of these other people at Ubisoft just from the experience I’ve had in previous jobs.

Daniel S.: Steve Jobs speech he gave about an exaggerating when you said yes in dots and connect looking forward, but looking back. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. That one I reminds me of different things that all connect and help. Yeah. The Bat till games. Did you have ever had that opportunity to play like a title Graphics 16

DJ Slope: CD Games, but yeah, I can’t play these unless I have it on a turbo fun and actual fan of the show. Uh, the created this game. Yeah. There’s so much new happening in Ventura gaming. It’s rolling stones shirts, even though I didn’t know who devoting, so no. You know, like the whole vet choice scene is very much like that.

Daniel S.: And are this had like the little TV that you know, you’re, you’re driving and stuff. So that was a highlight in my life.

DJ Slope: Mascot for the turbo?

Daniel S.: Yes. Yes.

DJ Slope: Eventually.

Daniel S.: All right guys, I’m going to jump into a quick commercial break. We’re going to get a game of Super Nintendo DJ slope to stay chill and, yeah.

Mid Break: All right. You’re listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

Daniel S.: guys. So welcome back to game chat or if you’re tuning in, we’re here with Daniel Ebert by Ben Ebert Son, Aka Dj Slope. Dj’s were just about to get to jump into some doctor Mario. We were practicing in the break. Uh, the mind grow, but we’re going to get fantastic. Well, let’s just say Daniel has his work cut out. It’s on guys. Let’s see if Daniel can, oops. Can’t hold his weight. I read a meter. Come on Daddy. You got switch it up. Oh Man. Is that intentionally? You don’t have to worry about mistakes out. There you go Daniel. It’s negative competition. Do everybody’s in Geek mode. Oh, DJ slope. Lily has advantage over here. Yeah, I guess it’s Kinda even even on, on both sides. Getting kind of exciting over here. Yeah.

Daniel S.: Oh yeah. This is going to be a fast man. Dj Dj smoke with the First Amendment record spice coming through when this moves. Yeah. Yeah. I think this is the second win of the day is going to be one of his new favorite.

DJ Slope: Okay.

Daniel S.: Well we really appreciate you taking the time that us, we, yeah, you drop some knowledge bombs on, on us. So is there anything that you want to leave with the viewers?

DJ Slope: She managed to do well by not going by this advice, but you know, I’d rather do a quality content rather than a lot of content, but I actually think you need to do a bit of both. You need to be able to find the time somehow split up videos at a minimum once a week. Um, because youtube will not just not care about you if there’s less than once a week and it needs to be at the best quality you can. Um, I, my, I aimed for my videos to be evergreen videos. So if you don’t know what that means, it’s basically videos that will stand the test of time, which is why I don’t give you the latest call of duty or something like that because it would be very good for a week and then no one will care about that video and a week or two’s time where I keep bringing up streets of rage. But streets were just complete histories, a video that continues to stay popular for almost five years later. Um, and that’s what I try and make my videos on an almost weekly basis. Uh, and I would just tell people, do as much content to use at the very, very best of your ability.

Daniel S.: Pleasure having you on in the future. Again, thank you very much. All right guys, til next time.

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