Daniel Scott


    Daniel Scott is the co-founder of NetGeekz Media & Gamers Bay, a positioning and branding firm that helps consultants and other thought leaders increase their revenues by up to 1,000%.

    His clients include:

    Island Taste Bakery
    Cayman Islands Department Of Tourism
    Domino’s Pizza
    Re/Max Cayman
    Seminar Coach at ICCI
    Mountain Dew

    Before devoting his work fulltime to NetGeekz Media, Daniel served as Digital Manager & Tech Manager at some of the worlds largest hotel and insurance agency.

    Daniel attended UCCI where he received a bachelor degree in computer science and a Masters in Business Administration.

    In addition to being a positioning consultant, Daniel creates youtube content for his business and helps out with charity work often

    Recently, Daniel returned to school; this time, as an instructor. He taught the course “Digital Marketing for 2019” at UCCI.

    He also served as an organizing committee member for Gamers Bay.

    He lives in Grand Cayman,  with his lovely wife, Jessica, and their two children Wayne & April.

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