Jesse Fangs

Youtuber, Influencer

    Jesse Fangs is a top female FIFA YouTuber and Twitch and now Mixer live streamer. Also known as Fangs and ItsFangs.

    Jesse began streaming and creating YouTube videos when she was in her mid-twenties. She streams games like ‘Call of Duty,’ ‘Minecraft,’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ She created YouTube channel ‘Fangs’ first where she mostly posts FIFA and real life videos. With time, the channel garnered huge popularity with videos like ‘STRIP FIFA ! THE FIRST EVER !’ and ‘READING PERVERTED COMMENTS W/ THE SIDEMEN!!’.

    The success of the channel eventually led her to come up with two more YouTube channels namely ‘FOOBIE,’ which she created with her YouTube gamer and Twitch live streamer husband, GI Doobie, where they post vlogs, challenges, and video games; and ‘Fangs Says,’ where she posts her reactions to content across various media, including television, YouTube, and the internet. Meanwhile, she garnered hundreds of thousands of fans on Twitch where she goes by fang_i3anger. She often collaborates with social media personalities like AA9Skillz, Miniminter, ZwebackHD and Nepenthez in creating videos and streaming.