Unknown G – Gamer’s Daily Duppy!

Unknown G Is Here to Play!

Be sure to grab your spectator or competitor tickets.

Gamers Bay 5, is going down in the Cayman Islands, March 27-28, 2021. Now In Its 5th year, Gamer Bay is The Caribbean’s #1 esports event!

[Intro: Unknown G]
What? Gamers Bay is back!
A gamer’s daily duppy then,
I can hardly believe it
Scott, pop open the
Limited edition disc, would you
I haven’t been this excited since
Black ops 2 dropped in 2012
Hmm, Unknown P

(Verse: Unknown G)
I copped a DLC on a sale
Fast download on eshops, internet deals
Pure fibre is for reals, just gets
Faster like Sonic and tails.

If it’s call Of duty, come at me
I’m un-defeated, like fifa boy Albertini
Win man a prize, stop by cayman enterprise experience virtual reality.

I pull more g’s than forza
And every Fortnite, it’s a brawlhalla
And what’s a good fight on game night
Without dominos pizza

Console’s a blast but PC’s good though
I switch up systems, Nintendo
I play all night, online fun with the
Cayman lingo (bo-bo)

I’m a island class gamer (it’s hot)
Man was hot, but Gaming’s hotter
Now hand me the controller
I’m fresher than coconut water (Ahh fresh)
British accent I speak proper

I don’t pay bills, i pay Williams
No, I have more vbucks than millions
Brand new skins, mandolorians’

True Pepsi chugger
You came to compete in a tracksuit
I’m dressed like a Esports cover
And I’m in the bay like it’s gamers’
Waiting for all competitors’
Get your tickets, be seeing you all laters.

Haha jolly good,
Scott, that was marvelous gameplay
Look forward to seeing you all at the competition!

Tickets Now Available!

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