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►In today’s episode, with chat with BenPlaysVR – an avid VR Gaming Youtube gamer, who shares his experiences and gameplays on his channel. We cover various topics within VR, such as the history of Virtual Reality, current VR headsets, VR gaming, and the future of Virtual Reality and its implications.

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

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Daniel S.: Words don’t describe it, the experience. You’re in a whole new world and atmosphere once you’ve got those goggles.

Intro: Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on east sports in all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers, do youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson Gamer nation.

Daniel S.: Oh, welcome back to another episode of Game Chat with your host Daniel Scott and last Jefferson. You have an awesome guest today. He goes by the name of Ben. Ben Plays Vr.

BenPlaysVR: Yes, yes. Thank you for having me on today’s show.

Daniel S.: awesome. Glad to have you on board. So for listeners out there, could you just give them a little run down of who you are and what and what you do?

BenPlaysVR: Yeah, so I’m currently a you tuber focusing on virtual reality and I guess I want to say, has it been a little over a year now? Yeah, I feel like last year, June is when the channel started. Awesome. Yeah. Basically, Vr has completely taken over my life and all consumed me. I was, um, I wasn’t VR skeptic for a long time and tell a friend of mine had me try it and then it completely, yeah, it’s taken over all of my previous passions and it’s all I want to do every day on the channel. I showcase, uh, too many reviews of games and also let’s plays. Yeah, it’s been growing pretty steadily and spend a lot of fun and it’s been a wild journey.

Daniel S.: that’s fantastic. Awesome. Is there, um, what, what specific, uh, in Vr maybe that draws you to it to the most? Um, and also where, where do you see, um, where do you see going in the next few years?

BenPlaysVR: I guess the thing that attracts me so much to it is that, um, actually let me answer your question with a question. Are there, have you tried the oculus rift or the yeah.

Daniel S.: Yes. Oh yes. Yes. We have, yeah. We have the, we have the playstation VR and then we’ve also done the HTC, HTC vive. Yeah.

BenPlaysVR: Oh, okay. Perfect. And then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Like there’s nothing, you don’t know how good it is until you experience.

Daniel S.: Exactly. Exactly like words were just kind of describe it to your experience in a whole new world and atmosphere once you got those goggles.

BenPlaysVR: yeah, you said it, you said it perfectly right there. So the tracking is so good and that it’s, it’s legit. The Matrix. Yeah. I really feel like you’re in another place. Absolutely. And it blows my mind is that this is just version one, version two going to be like, it’s the knuckles controllers come in. I can, it’s quest coming out like old version three, version four. Version one is already so good. Um, yeah, I find that it teleports me to new places and I use it for meditation and use it for, it’s my only form of entertainment.

Lance J.: Are you watching, are you watching movies in it and stuff that out as well?

BenPlaysVR: Not so much. Um, I’ve been talking with my dad because we bought our five systems together. We had the same system. I do. He’s retired. He’s 70 years old and he has his own bedroom dedicated.

Lance J.: Okay.

BenPlaysVR: Yeah there cause we play games together a lot. We’ve joked about sitting together like in big screen Beta or something else watching movies together. We need to do that though.

Lance J.: Yeah, no I think right now they’re, they’re offering a seat like that. The NBA game in front row seats and riggings using the VR. So like it’s right. It’s right. It’s right there. It’s coming. Like if even if you don’t want it to come, it’s coming. So prep yourself.

BenPlaysVR: Another thing that really excites me about it is that you’re actually burning calories playing games. Like for example, I never got into Sky Room when it was on flat screen because I didn’t want to, I’m not a rural health mountain, not really athletic, but I don’t like sitting down for a long period of time. Like, I need to move around and kind of AMC and I’ve got an Adhd and you know for sure, and it was sitting down in front of a TV for a long time. Playing a game never appealed to me. But if I can stand and swinging swords and fire arrows in Skyrim, it’s like it’s not a workout. I’m not sweating, but I’m moving the body. That is a huge game changer for me. Like especially if we ever get those multi directional treadmills that work.

Lance J.: right.

BenPlaysVR: Run in a game that’s going to be sick next, the next level. So yeah, I’m thrilled with where it’s at now. But the future I find even more exciting.

Lance J.: And, and what, uh, what got you into being a content creator? You see you’ve been doing it for about a year now. What made you, what made you want to go ahead and actually be a content creator on Youtube?

BenPlaysVR: Yeah. Well my one reason was very selfish and that was, I wanted to get some free games.

BenPlaysVR: Might discover that on steam, that one page where you see the grand total of what do you spend on games. And I came across that page and I was like, oh my God. Just because I wanted to try every experience. And so financially that was one reason I was hoping that if I started to do some views, maybe I can get some review copy that worked out. But also I just really enjoy sharing it because it’s so unknown and it just seems like it’s almost criminal with how good the product is, but how few people know about, I kind of want to spread the Gospel and if I can be a part of that and even in a small way, be some small influence. That’s what I, that’s something that really, I really enjoy that. Like whenever I get comment on the pace as someone bought a raft or buys because of me, that’s the best news I’ve ever heard because it’s like, well, spreading the Gospel. Yeah. I guess that was kind of a long answer to your question because that’s kind of two reasons.

Lance J.: right? That’s phenomenal. And you touched on, you touched on, um, uh, being able to generate revenue, but also to get free copies to see when, when some expenditures, are there other ways that you’re monetizing your challenge is about, can we be like with affiliate links, affiliate marketing as well?

BenPlaysVR: Yeah. Well, the monetization and this really a thing right now, there’s a little bit of Ad Revenue from Games watched.

BenPlaysVR: So just the fact that that’s offset now is a huge financial, yeah, I can imagine a day job. I’m currently a freelance animator, aftereffects and so that pays the bills, but fingers crossed for the youtube thing.

Lance J.: that’s phenomenal number. If you, if you keep on the track you’re going, you’re definitely on the way there yet. I was going to ask, is there any particular games that you like playing on the Vr?

BenPlaysVR: Yeah. Well, I have a top 10 list right now. If you go to the front page and my channel, the top 10 is there. But my personal favorite by a long shot of Skyrim, Vr, like I said before, I’ve never played it before. I’m flat screen for hours my first time, which was like a like a crazy spoiled way to do it for the first, um, the, in the VR landscape of gains are now, there’s a lot of mini games and there’s some role playing games, but they max out at like five, six hours of content. That’s about it. Just because it’s such a new market, there’s not a lot of open world triple a games. Like with AAA Games we have pretty much Skyrim fallout four, which was really good. And Ellie in a war, but even la war is kind of a watered down version, was like seven case files. It’s not the whole game with Skyrim, it’s the whole game plus mods. I think I have almost 350 hours in there right now because it’s such a vast open, warm kind of endless, yeah, I spent all my free time in there. That’s far and away my favorite game.

Lance J.: That’s phenomenal. Do you play any like, um, any like resident evils are like watching these scary movies and Vr for the jump scare, you can turn around and there was something scary right there.

BenPlaysVR: But you know, if people want org, there’s lots of other horror content.

Lance J.: Right, right. For sure. Not for me of tea. Sorry. Um, outside of, uh, the youtube, are you looking to expand on any of the other social social platforms like Instagram or Facebook or twitch?

BenPlaysVR: Right, right. I’m not currently, I have a small Twitter account that I sometimes share things. So my wife and I, we were on Facebook, but we left Facebook for a variety of reasons. All the weird data leaking. Um, I’m not so paranoid about that, but for me it was mostly, I just had too many log ins to take care of. Like I wanted to shift and really focus on this channel goal. Every hour I was spending on Facebook was an hour. I wasn’t creating really whittle down and trim to focus on this one thing. There’s not enough hours in the day

Lance L: Especially for us working professionalist].

BenPlaysVR: Right, right. So basically youtube is sort of my social channel in a way. I’ll discard people join on there and I’ll pop in and see what’s up. We have a fun community, but yeah, pretty much a youtube was thinking Instagram might be down the road, but then again it’s like one of the thing to log into. I’ve recently started a patriotic just because that’s been on my to do list that’s worked out, but it’s still another login you got, it takes your brain away from the goal, which I’m sure you’re familiar with a dance. It’s a tricky dance.

Daniel S.: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You know, each, each platform has, it has its own benefits and time consuming. Each one is its own beast essentially that you have to treat, treat us such.

BenPlaysVR: Well that’s basically about it.

Daniel S.: What do you think help contribute to your child’s success already in the first year?

BenPlaysVR: A lot of luck. I also feel like one of my greatest strengths is also one of my greatest weaknesses just as far as my working personality that I can be really tenacious. Like when I want something I will just like choke it to death and was really unhealthy way and be obsessed about. And so I feel like that’s contributing for good and ill just because we currently upload six videos a day, Monday through Saturday, and it’s either a review or let’s play. And as, because when I really enjoying it, that’s fueling it in one part. But also just because I, when I get focused on something, I just straighten it up to death and don’t let go. And so as a result of the constant uploading, I feel like people are getting enough information. People are seeing that I routinely upload, usually get, if they want to hear a review for a game, I’ll probably get to a sooner or later just because I’m uploading so much. So I feel like the upload frequency and my tenacity by peer thing, but you know, the tenacity is like helping cause I need to maybe take a walk.

BenPlaysVR: Right, right. The life balance I guess. I guess I feel like they were getting something out of it. I don’t feel like, I feel like when it comes to youtube personalities, some people are really strong on the entertainment front. Like they’re very entertaining and funny and I feel like I more useful in the French. Jews are very, I don’t want us to drive, but just factual. I try to sprinkle in personality and do myself as a genuine, but I feel like my strength is being informational. Lots of data, which I guess is useful with a gay review. Like it took me this many hours to beat it Canada next instead of just yelling and yelling personalities to be successful with the wild due to personality. But nerd, you know, I don’t feel like the information is probably is my guess to people who are drawn to.

Daniel S.: which makes sense, which makes 100% sense. Yeah. 2019 what’s, what’s in store for you? Are you going to be going to any of any events?

BenPlaysVR: right, right. I’m not going to go to any events. I would like to one day, but right now it’s not worth it financially and okaying ticket and hotel. Yeah, exactly. For me, it’s not worth it. Um, I am really looking forward to the Oculus quest confirms that he tells about that.

Daniel S.: No, I don’t think I have. Is that like a convention that you’re having?

BenPlaysVR: So the new oculus device, your device completely PC free and no sensors.

Daniel S.: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I did hear about that.

BenPlaysVR: It’s like a watered down with the full and the room saying no sensors, no PC, 400 bucks. I feel like it’s going to be a complete game changer.

Daniel S.: That’s crazy. Right? Yeah. It’s a good entry entry level to get to get more people into it. Yeah.

BenPlaysVR: Totally. I demoed by five to many eight people that loved it, but they don’t want to buy it. I only do it because I have to. I don’t like piecing building or repair. I hate windows know. I don’t exactly think of it like an internal switch. We just power it off and you’re playing anywhere. I mean obviously it will be limited in storage and the horsepower, the bull run fallout four, but um, a lot of names and I think it will be leaking changer. I’m really excited.

Daniel S.: Yeah, yeah, for sure. Absolutely. All right guys, just take a quick break there. We’re going to jump the commercial break and when we get back, we’re going to continue with Ben Plays Vr. Stay tuned.

Commercial Break: You’re listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

Daniel S.: Okay. Welcome back. Gimme a nation. If you’re just tuning in, we’re interviewing Ben Plays Vr and just speaking with Venmo, Vr, VR technologies, gaming in, in spa specifically, uh, VR gaming opportunities. So far we’ve talked about where we are and so forth, but what about the future? Where do you think, um, where do you see VR in the next five to 10 years? What it will look like? What people in, how people will use it to interact, especially with gaming. What, what are you, what are thoughts on it?

BenPlaysVR: Yeah, sure. Like we’re going to see really exciting hardware in the future to make things even more immersive. Like A, I’m sure you’re familiar with the valve and knuckles, new controllers that are theoretically being made. Everyone knows that no one knows when they’re coming out. The biggest thing is that it’s finger tracking. And so in a game you have all your digits tracks actually. Like I’m figuring push a button or grab or let go of things right now with the Vive wands or the oculus touch and you’re still, you still feel like a joy stick in away with the buttons and the tresses and still feels like you’re holding thing again. But with the knuckles it’s going to be finger tracking. So it’s going to be literally we’re picking up objects and dropping them. It’s like you’re opening your hand. Controllers stays on Rihanna. And so things like that I think will really make it feel even more immersive and once wireless because more prevailing, no longer having the cord on the PC. And I really have a candle on my heart farm, Omni Directional treadmills become a formidable because yeah, if I can, if I can like take a hike or walk on a beach, um, and feel like I’m actually walking in it, I feel like that would be, by that point we would have pretty much already arrived at everything I can imagine. But they’re already making them. It’s only a matter of time.

Lance J.: Yeah, no, no, that’s going to be awesome for those those health notes to write and write and then it gives us a good excuse to get on that VR. Where am I going today?

Daniel S.: And they, you still like every year you’re seeing new things coming to the market? Um, I think we talked, we talked about it off, uh, off air. Uh, the new, the new Oculus, a standalone device that, that’d be entered the market this year has to oculus quest this year, next year. So every year you’re seen new, new, more refined, slim down products or more enhanced course every year that the market is maturing and you’re seeing new hardware, new software and just seen an evolution year after year. I know, I know I have since 2015 when, when on in 2016 when the first the gear, the gear Vr, chemo and so forth like that.

Lance J.: but not on all of that. Um, in regards to gaming, but they’re also utilize and the VR for different aspects and different industries. For example, a real estate.

Daniel S.: Yeah. Real estate, uh, hotels, uh, automobiles. So much things can be experienced in immersed, will you, I’m the physically be there, not to mention communications. You know what, at some point we will be able to have the same podcast in Vr, you know? Yeah. So, yeah, so everything is, is definitely mean revolutionize, especially with, with VR and, and so forth in gaming as part of that. So yeah. So if, uh, if you haven’t tried VR out there, listeners, definitely grab your hands and one by one to go find a friend that has, try it out.

Lance J.: you won’t be disappointed, won’t be disappointed. You’re, you’re, you’re actually, like I said, you’re, you’re, you’re going into a deaf, you feel, it feels like you’re in a different world, you know, being able to look behind you and you see all the different graphics and it just seems like you’re in, you said you’re transported within this, this game or wherever you are, you’re, um, actually utilize. Yep.

Definitely. Yeah.

BenPlaysVR: Yeah. I would second that. Definitely find a way. It’s just experiencing firsthand because when you’re watching footage of people playing, you imagine, oh, it’s like there’s a screen in front of the eyes. I know. It feels like you’re just looking. It just feels like you’re looking at, you just had to do it for yourself.

Lance J.: Yeah, absolutely. And it’s, it’s Kinda hard to explain, but like I said, what’s your do it to put it first time, I’ll show you. Yeah, it’s gonna it’s gonna be a second time coming if you not bring, just to, to the end of the podcast today. Um, before I, before we go, is there anything you want to leave with the listeners? Um, maybe, um, someone who’s looking to get into streaming or someone that’s maybe still looking for the passion. Uh, I know you mentioned that when your phone Vr, you, you knew it, but I mean, is there anything you would like to leave with the listeners?

BenPlaysVR: Yeah, I guess I would say to the first question, if you’re looking to be an influencer, like if you want to start a channel or something. Um, people ask me that a lot and then I say, just go for it. I feel like failure is the best teacher I have failed more than anything.

Lance J.: Yeah,

BenPlaysVR: and so I feel like that’s one thing that stops a lot of people is I’ve heard it described as analysis paralysis, hip on it. You study it, you think about it, but won’t pull the trigger into it, which is the scary part. Exactly. Do you feel about there and just do it. So just do it. Just go for it. Even if you fail, you’ll learn. You’ll improve as the best teacher there is. I say just go for it. And regarding finding your passion, what’s a tricky one? If it goes a lot of luck in that, like why didn’t I didn’t look for Vr? There’s a surprise, I guess I would say. Just to keep your curiosity open, keep your eyes peeled. Trying experiences. I feel like sooner or later one does find it. It’s easy to get impatient, like I’m really impatient with things and you know, I want things now and I think waiting for things. But I think if you just keep your eyes, if you keep your eyes peeled and your patient eventually stars will align.

Lance J.: Right. Yeah, absolutely. I think just to add, just to add to what you’re saying to uh, consistency as well. You know, once you, once you get started you just keep at it. Um, so you do the Nike slogan, just do it and then you’d be an inconsistency. I think those are our, are would be two keys and just want to add onto what Ben was saying for sure. Absolutely.

BenPlaysVR: Awesome. But they’re really good point actually. It goes, a lot of people start and then they burn out or they just quit. That’s the hard part is keeping as exactly. I feel like there’s an, it’s funny with today’s world, like with Youtube and the Internet, everyone can have an audience like everyone that wants to be a creator or influence or there an audience that likes your style, but it takes a long time for them to find you to be drawn toward you. And so if you just keep at it, even if it’s years, your audience will find you and stick around the problems that it takes so long for them to find you. Like it’s like gap of time between like there they exist but they just have to find you. And so yeah.

Lance J.: those are words of wisdom. Right. Thank you again, Ben for coming on pity as podcasts. Um, we definitely learned a lot about VR and had a blast chatting with you. Nothing’s going to be playing some more VR this week. Our guys till next time, keep gaming. He’s out. He’s out.

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