Xenastar Kicks It Off!| #001

►Episode #001 Of GameChat

Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related. Each episode we interview an exciting guests from the world of gaming, from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

►In Todays episode we chat with Xenastar, she chats about how she got started in gaming, whats her thoughts on streaming, social media, as well as the esports industry!


00:08 Welcome to game chat, a podcast focused on e-sports and all things game related, each episode we interview an exciting guest from the world of gaming,

from up and coming streamers to Youtube, celebrity gamers we learn and share together with our audience. So go ahead and jump in on this game chat now. Here’s your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

00:35 Hi, its you host Daniel Scott, I’m bringing you the first ever game chat esports podcast with our first guest xenastar.

00:47 Hey, well thanks for having me on today. This is super exciting. Um, so my name is Xena Star. I am a twitch streamer as well as an avid gamer. I’ve been gaming

since I was five years old, so a super pumped to be here today sharing this podcast with you.

01:01 Awesome. Super excited to have you here as well. Very excited. Alright, so XenaStar, she focuses on ps4, switch and mobile and she’s also a co-owner of

team basic gaming. Where she focuses on helping additional streamers grow their channel. How you got started into streaming and sports.

01:22 Awesome. Yeah. So prior to starting to stream, I actually didn’t really understand the whole esports realm, so I was at a point where I was trying to,

uh, get some…I was watching a lot of youtubers that are into esports and uh, specifically surrounding a game called summoners world which is a mobile game and um, I fell in love with a bunch of different youtube content creators and realize that maybe that was something that I can get into. So I decided to look into what twitch was all about and literally just started from there because I thought, you know, if, if I’m having a good time watching them, maybe I can do that for myself, for fun. Um, and it just snowballed from there once it started. So yeah, it was a, I started with that one game and then as I developed, you know, I’m like really collecting all the different, like a new computer and all the other things that are involved. You realize how much it takes to actually deliver a good stream. Right. And it was like, wow, I got upgrade, literally everything. Um, but yeah, so I fell in love with it from there.

02:28 Oh my gosh, yeah, like we had to get a whole new, like we were, we started streaming on this like 10 year old pc that we like barely ever used and we didn’t

have a capture card. We, you know, we had this crazy setup, horrible internet, but we made it work with what we had until we could get to a point where we could upgrade slowly and uh, you know, it’s uh, it’s been exciting. So. And I only started back in October last year, so it’s been a little less than a year since I started this venture.

03:00 You’re doing great so far.
03:03 Yeah, it’s been going good so far. I mean, it’s been, it’s been awesome. So.

03:07 And you said that you saw some streamers that got you into it. What were some of the streamers that you looked up to at the time.

03:13 Yeah, so there’s a bunch of different content creators on youtube surrounding summoner’s war. Uh, so some of them specifically or island grown 11, childish

place, quite Tano, uh, also, um, schizophrenia gamer. So those guys really inspired me to start this process of getting on and, and just really connecting with other gamers. I didn’t really do a lot of that prior to this. Um, growing up we didn’t really have, you know, a proper internet and all that stuff. So I never really connected with other gamers until this past year. And it’s been an eye opening experience so far. So I was five years old when I got my sega genesis. Right. And that’s my first console. Um, and so yeah. Yeah. So, so for me, like growing up, my parents never discouraged video games. They wanted me to just really do whatever I enjoyed doing. And so they, uh, they encouraged it. I remember, you know, in, in high school when grand theft Auto San Andreas came out and I was like, Hey, mom and dad, like I’m getting really good grades. Can I take a day off to just play the game when it comes out? They were like, yeah, sure. Like if that’s what you want to do, and, and maybe that’s not the best parenting, but as long as I was getting straight a’s, they were cool with it. So I’m like, yeah, my parents were always supportive of whatever I enjoy doing.

04:33 That’s fantastic, because not a lot of people have always had that support.

04:38 Yeah, yeah, of course. And, and I, I mean prior to our generation there wasn’t that. So, you know, I understand the parents’ concerns of, well there’s these

violent video games. How is that going to affect my children when there’s no studies to show, you know, what that looks like. And obviously that research has been developing over years and so I understand their concerns, but I think, you know, uh, I think I turned out okay after playing really violent video games for the last, like, I don’t know, 23 years.

05:07 Very true, could tell us some of your memorable experiences that you had in your first year of streaming?.

05:16 Of course. So there’s been a lot of them, um, but to keep it short without going for ages because I’ve had so many, you know, the interesting thing about

starting streaming is I’ve made some of the best friends that I’ve ever had in my life over the last 10 months of streaming. Um, and so I would say like memorable experiences for me first and foremost was launching team basic gaming. Uh, we launched that on January first 2018 with myself, my fiance, dark star. And uh, my, my good, I call him my brother now because we’re, he’s like a long lost brother. I never had a captain bear glove. And um, you know, that was such a cool experience for us to launch a platform where we can, you know, connect with other streamers and create a safe place for people to experience their video gaming and grow their channels.

06:05 So that was a huge moment for us. And some of my other really memorable moments are, you know, I talked at the beginning of some of the, the content

creators that inspired me to start in the industry and I’ve done collabs or I’ve actually, like I talked to those people now, you know, I remember the first person that ever reached out to me to do a collaboration was actually childish plays. And it was like the wait, did he just send me a message asking me to do a collab? Like I admire this person on such a, like I hold them up so high on the content creator level. And when someone like that is like noticing your. I was only two months into streaming at that time, noticing your progression and seeing I guess the potential in someone that meant so much to me. And now we, you know, we talk almost every other day now.

06:59 So it’s, it’s so cool to have created friendships with people that I really looked up to over a long period of time. And you know Clayton as well. He’s, he and I, he’s

actually part of our team basic gaming community as well. And just to think that, you know, it’s crazy like you held that you hold these people in such a pedestal, but then when you started in the industry and connect with them, you’re like, these are just like regular people and they actually want to help other people achieve their goals and it’s just very striking that, you know, someone so small like myself has been able to connect with people like that. So yeah, those are some of my memorable experiences and obviously my entire team, basic gaming family, all the amazing streamers that I’ve met and friendships that we’ve created. It’s been a pretty incredible 10 months.

07:44 Alright, so all your listeners out there are we going to jump to a quick commercial break. We’ll be right back.

07:52 Your listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

08:05 Okay, Gamer nation. Welcome back from the break. If your Just tuning in, I have Xenastar here with me for Ontario, Canada and, so far we’ve talked about how

she got started and, some of her most memorable experiences. So right now we’re gonna jump into some of her favorite games.

08:21 I guess for me, like there’s such a wide range of games that I played because I’m on so many different consoles and platforms and stuff, but some of my favorite games for sure. My favorite game of all time is Zelda. Breath of the wild. That is

like for me, there’s never been a game created better than that. I love it so much. It got me to actually is the first Zelda game I actually ever played and now I’m going back and replaying all the other Zelda Games that I never got to experience growing up. So it’s been really, really fun streaming that experience. Yeah. So my other favorite games outside of that would be a call of duty. I like to, I like to get a couple good rounds of call of duty out every now and then I’m looking forward to black ops four coming out. That’ll be really cool.

09:05 Yeah, that’ll be good. And then outside of that, I, you know, there’s so many games I play, but a mobile games that I play a lot, one that I’ve been playing

pretty consistently for the last four months and I played pretty much every day and I’ve been streaming it almost every stream for a long time now. is dungeon

hunter champions, which is a game by game loft. It’s, it’s really fun. I actually did a voiceover for one of the champions, so shout out to game loft for bringing me out to do that. It was so cool. Such an experience, another memorable moment of my streaming career, being able to, you know, go up to Montreal and shoot a voiceover for a champion. So yeah,

09:42 Tell us a little bit more about that. So they, they brought you out to their headquarters?

09:46 Yeah. So they reached out to me. The company has actually been really great at supporting small upcoming content creators and so they reached out to me and

said, hey, we’d like to bring you up to the headquarters, have you do a voiceover for a champion? And then we’ll, we’ll do a little bit of a documentary video on it and uh, and put that out. So we did that, went up to Montreal for two days, got to have lunch with the developer, has got to talk about the game, where it’s headed and really their thoughts and my thoughts and it was super cool. Like what an experience and now the champion is in the game and everything. So yeah, it was a, it’s really interesting. I never thought I would do something like that. But uh, I actually would love to go into doing more of that in the future. I think that’s something that I want to venture into a little bit more down the road for sure. Yeah,

10:35 definitely. would be very cool. Have you, have you tried fortnite?

10:39 Yeah. I think the game loft headquarters in Montreal there. So yeah. So I, I tried it once when I first started streaming and we had just gotten my new computer

that could actually handle playing it. Um, I got it and tried it. I think I played it maybe three or four times and then realize that that’s just not a game for me. I can, I can do like either give me the shooting or gave me the building. Don’t combine them. I can’t do them at the same time. I enjoy watching it, but yeah, it’s funny you say that because I, I find it strangely relaxing to watch people play fortnite, I don’t know why. I have no idea why, but so I love watching people play it. I just myself can’t play it.

11:23 Alright guys, we’re gonna. Jump into our final commercial break and we’ll be right back with Xenastar.

11:31 Your listening to the game chat podcast brought to you by Gamers Bay with your host, Daniel Scott and Lance Jefferson.

11:44 Okay. Gamers, I welcome back. In case you’re just tuning in, we have Xena Star here with us today on our first ever gamechat esports podcast. What I’d like to

ask you now would be some of your thoughts on e-sports,

11:57 so it’s interesting. So back in high school, one of my original dreams was to be a video game, a producer that was like my goal, and then when I looked into it I was like, oh, maybe not. Um, and so I started to become aware of east sports

12:47 and stuff back, you know, years and years ago, but never really fully understood the scale and size of it. And obviously it’s grown so much over the last few years and it’s exploding on a mass scale now. Um, and so, I mean, I didn’t really start watching a whole lot of these sports or really becoming fully aware of it until the last few years. Uh, and it really, I think for me, I started to really become aware of it when I started playing a summoner’s war. The mobile game that I play, it’s been out for four years and they’ve had lots of tournaments and stuff.

And I’m like, wow, people are actually flying from all over to compete in a mobile game. Like this is an intense, right. Uh, and so it’s, it’s really, really interesting to see how, how people come together for, for video games, right? It’s, it’s so cool and now to be a part of that and being, you know, connecting with people through the community, it’s like, wow, this is insane to think that there’s conventions going on every weekend of every year and people are traveling all over the world to compete in video games. So, you know, I think it’s really cool where people can hone different skills because not everyone has the ability to play, you know, physical sports. So I think east sports is such a really awesome thing for our generation and for people moving forward. So he gets great because there’s so many different businesses that have sprung up from the East sports community being, you know, a thing in general like for it to even exist.

Right? And there’s so much more business opportunity for young entrepreneurs in this industry that never was there before. Uh, and I think that’s really awesome because there’s a lot of people out there like myself and other people that love this industry. They love, uh, they love gaming. But then how do you turn it into a business and start actually working on something you love and getting paid to do that. Right. So I think it’s really interesting from both sides of the spectrum. You get to have fun and play your games, but that, you know, as, as a, you know, looking at it from how you can capitalize on it is also awesome too. And you know, it’s, I think it’s great for other companies that want to promote their product. They can get it out and there’s this new platform of a promotion and connection for people. And I think that’s so awesome.

I think that brings us to wrap up. I just wanted to say thank you again for coming on.

Yeah, thanks for having me. It’s been so fun talking to you.

Would it be anything else that you’d like to share with the viewers?

Yeah. I think the last thing I’d like to, I guess share with you is if you’re thinking of becoming a content creator or it’s ever been something that you’ve wanted to do, just start, you know, I was like terrified to start 10 months ago and now looking back, I’m so glad that I did. It was scary at the time, but. And it’s nerve racking to put yourself out there, especially on the Internet where there can be a lot of different people, but just do it if it’s something that you’ve, you’ve aspired to do or even just thought, hey, I wonder if I like this, give it a shot. It’s a

lot of fun. It comes with its challenges, but I look back 10 months ago and I think it’s one of the best things they ever did. So.

15:28 And what about online?

15:30 Yeah, so I stream on twitch dot TV slash dizziness star usually four to five days a week starting at 5 or 6:00 PM and on Wednesdays I start at 10:30 AM eastern

standard time. You can also connect with me on instagram. Xenastar_ is my tag and I love connecting with people on instagram. It’s like the easiest way to get ahold of me if you need to get ahold of me. Uh, and then I’m also on twitter at the same canister underscore and I also have a youtube channel. You can just literally type Xena Star into the search bar and it’ll pop right up. So yeah, those are my socials.

16:06 Awesome. We’ll also have links in the description for you guys so you can find her directly as well.

16:14 Thanks for joining us this week. Chat. Make sure to visit our website, GamersBayCayman.com, where you can subscribe to the show on Itunes,

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