Technology Convention & Educational Workshops

Gaming Workshops & Technology Convention
From The Latest In Virtual Reality to Educational Opportunities & More

Cayman’s biggest eSports & Best Tech Convention  is back for 2022! Providing opportunities and educational workshops free of charge to the children of the Cayman Islands has always been a key competent of our event. We can’t wait to see all these amazing costumes at Gamers Bay 6.


Partnership with Ministry Of Education & The Arts Institute of Florida.

Unique Gaming & Tech Workshops Offered Free To Students, as well as future job opportunities.

In addition to workshops, University Reps are also on hand at the event, to speak to all parents and children interesting in furthering their education in gaming and more.
“We have partnered with The Ministry Of Educaiton & The Arts Institute Of Florida to Open Gateways & Provide Educational Opportunities in The Video Game Industry & Related Industries.”


See & Learn Some of The Newest Tech, Gadgets & More Every Year

Try out some of the latest Virtual Reality gears and more!

VR is of growing importance for training and education in fields like medicine, engineering, and the sciences.

Some of the world’s leading technology companies — including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Samsung — are spending heavily to develop VR equipment & applications.

Quick Facts
About Our Gaming Workshop & Tech Convention
2 Unique Workshops
We will have a workshop for our sister Island in the Brac as well as at JGHS in Cayman.
Ministry Of Education
We have partnered with the Ministry of Education & The Youth Services Unit to provide these opportunities.
Arts Institute Of Florida
We have partnered with AI. Meet In Person at the event, ask questions and learn how you can pursue a career in gaming.
Do you have any question about attending the workshop? Write us via or drop us a message on Instagram!
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