Gamers Bay is a professional eSports organization. Headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands and was founded in 2016 by Daniel Scott & Lance Jefferson, co-founders of NetGeekz Media.

The event hosts competitions and virtual reality experience unlike any other on island. While the event is still in its early years, organisers and gamers alike said Gamers Bay shows promise for Cayman’s gaming scene. Many believe this event is the beginning of something big for Cayman and its eSports loving residents.

“We believe this is one niche that we as a community could conquer. If we remain focused and we continue to specialise in eSports then we can be leaders in the Market. Our goal is to a have Cayman National eSport teams to represent Cayman. We aim to be the forward thinkers to push through the next generation.” – Lance Jefferson

The event attracts gamers of all ages and brings out the competitive spirit in participants.

What started as a leisure activity has turned into an emerging community with millions of dollars in prize money, Lance Jefferson and Daniel Scott held the first ever E-Sports competition for Cayman inn 2016. ‘Gamers Bay’ features game play in Call of Duty, FIFA and Smash Bros and features popular YouTube personalities such as ‘Fangs’, a female FIFA player with over two million subscribers and ‘Tmartn” a male call of duty player with over six million subscribers.

“Our Youtube/Twitch celebrity brought in over 350,000 organic views for Youtube, and 50,000 organic views on instagram.”

Gamers Bay – Video Gaming Tournament & Technology Convention was created, presented and executed by NetGeekz Media on March 11 2016 to showcase being forward thinkers, innovators, and branding specialist in the media and online industry in the Cayman Islands. The feedback that we have received from the spectators, competitors and sponsors has been nothing short of amazing.

In terms of demographics, 20% fall into the 18-25 age group, 45% into the 26-32 age group and 35% are 33 or better. 98% consider themselves video game players, 80% are video game collectors, 54% play pinball, 48% read science fiction 41% read or collect comics/graphic novels, 38% play board and card games (D&D, Magic, Catan, Warhammer, etc.), and around 20% play either online collaborative FPS or MMORPG games. Nearly 45% of respondents came to the Event with the specific intention to make a gaming-related purchase. 50% of respondents spent between $1 and $75 with our vendors at the Event and $23% spent between $76 and $200.

Giving back to the community is very important to us. Feed our Future, is a charity we partnered with to help raise funds for children of the Cayman Islands to purchase meals and give back to our community.

Our events generate over 500,000 organic views from our celebrity exposure. Over 90% indicated that they would definitely return to the Event.

The launch of E-Sports in the Cayman Islands will continue to grow and it will assist with stimulating the Cayman Islands economy through the gaming tourism, while focusing on our youth.

Our Achievements
Some of Our Accomplishments.
Launch Of E-Sports 2016
Pioneers & Founders Of Esports In The Cayman Islands.
Gamers Bay 2
2nd Annual event held Sept 30, 2017
Queen of FIFA Hosts
Jesse Fangs, queen of FIFA hosts the first ever GamersBay.
Tmartn Hosts Gamers Bay 2
Trevor ``Tmartn`` Martin, Youtube celebrity hosts Gamers Bay 2
Over 10K likes on instagram posts
Over 10k organic likes on Instagram.
Over 1K Likes
Over 1k likes organically on youtube
Over 250K Views
Over 250,000 views organically on Youtube & Instagram
Over 450K Views
Over 450K organic views on social media.
Donations for Children
Donations to Feed Our Future Foundation
Chairty Drives
Feed our future/Cost-u-less drives
Cosplay Competition
1st ever cosplay competition held at gamersbay
Esports Hub Goal
To become the Caribbean's #1 esports destination.
Meet The Team
The faces behind the brand.
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